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Paola Lagunes

Digital Media Marketing Manager, Recurly


Paola is the Digital Marketing Manager at Recurly. With social media management and SEO content creation experience, she’s joined the demand generation team to bring new ways to position Recurly as a thought leader in the subscription management and billing industry across digital platforms.

After graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing from Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara in México, she’s helped local and global companies grow their social media audiences and increase online engagement through interactive, innovative content.

Outside Recurly, she likes to spend her time traveling, reading, exercising, and listening to Taylor Swift’s latest releases.

Latest posts by Paola Lagunes

Chop churn by 73%: 5 effective churn management strategies

Churn is a reality in subscriptions. Businesses are constantly looking for new ways to identify, manage, and reduce churn.  Last month, Recurly experts Eric Holle, Senior Product Manager, and Jonas Flodh, Chief Product Officer, sat down with David Krauss, Vice President of Product Marketing, to discuss effective churn management strategies...

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State of Subscriptions: Churn rate benchmarks & trends

Reducing churn is a top priority for every subscription business. It's no surprise that marketing and growth leaders want to know the latest churn rate benchmarks and trends and how these numbers impact the subscription industry to create their churn mitigation plan. With this premise, we've created a

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Identify high-profitable subscribers & maximize your revenue

Every subscription business aims to build a strong subscriber base and turn their customers into brand ambassadors. Valuable subscribers aren’t necessarily the customers who spend the most. Profitable customers advocate on your behalf, share valuable feedback, and actively interact with your brand.  When identifying your most profitable subscribers, apply the...

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Boost your sign-ups: No credit card for free subscription trials

Acquisition is one of the most challenging strategies in subscriptions. How can businesses reinvent their offerings to beat the competition, subscriber demand shifts, and new buying behaviors?  Many components create the ideal customer acquisition promotional toolkit. Free trials are one of them.  This article will answer all your questions about...

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Member journey 101: Optimize your subscriber experience

When it comes to optimizing subscriber experience, your work is never really done. Subscription motivations and priorities are constantly changing; however, customer experience remains a top driver for revenue. Over 90% of consumers said they’d spend more money with businesses that offer streamlined experiences. Given the importance of customer...

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The 5 must-dos to master subscription customer acquisition

Subscriber acquisition impacts your business and revenue growth, and it’s one of the most important and challenging strategies in subscriptions. Acquisition requires a deep understanding of your product, subscriber preferences and behavior, and consumer loyalty.  This article will teach you the ideal subscriber acquisition strategy and how to optimize yours...

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Why churn analysis matters for your subscription business & how to do it well

Various studies have shown that acquiring a new customer is anywhere from five to 25 times more expensive than retaining an existing one. It’s a big number but hardly surprising; companies have to spend a lot of money on advertising and sales to acquire new subscribers. With that in...

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Pause membership: A powerful retention tactic

Subscriptions are a top driver of loyalty and revenue growth for brands looking to grow. However, there comes a time when consumers may consider canceling their subscriptions. In fact, 31% of U.S. consumers say they plan to cancel some subscription services this year–after 46% canceled a subscription due to...

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Declined credit card: Meaning & solution to each message

“Declined,” “insufficient funds,” and “invalid card number” are some of the phrases subscription businesses fear most. And they’re not to blame–recurring billing can be complex.  For example, for failed one-time transactions, an error message alerts the buyer, and they use another payment method to purchase. However, for recurring transactions, the...

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Churn: What it is & why it matters

Subscriber churn is a metric that subscription businesses monitor very closely. Even slight changes in your churn rate can drastically impact your revenue growth. Let’s dive deeper into the real subscriber churn definition, how it affects your business, and proven tactics to prevent it.  This growth metric has two...

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Understanding involuntary churn vs. voluntary churn & how they affect subscriber retention

Measuring and reducing churn is paramount to grow faster, smarter, and stronger. Every subscription business should be aware of the importance of churn and how retention can become a competitive advantage for subscription businesses.  Getting smart about nurturing your customer base is a true competitive advantage for subscription businesses. To...

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How to calculate churn rate: A better formula

Customer churn rate, also known as customer attrition rate or customer turnover rate, is a critical metric in subscriptions. Knowing how many customers are leaving your company lets you gauge your financial health and get actionable insights into subscriber behavior and preferences. In this article, we’ll cover everything you...

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Expert’s Guide: How to reduce subscription churn

Getting new subscribers is on every sales team's agenda. While acquisition efforts matter, retention ensures business growth. But with retention comes subscriber churn. All subscription brands face customer churn–it’s inevitable. We’d be lying if we said that you could eliminate it; however, you can actively work to reduce your...

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Subscriptions explained: What is churn rate?

Subscription models continue to grow exponentially with no signs of stopping. Competition rises, shopping priorities shift, and prices change; yet one thing is certain: not all subscribers will stay with you forever. Enter churn rate, the number of subscribers who cancel your service during a specific period. It may seem...

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Ecommerce personalization to reduce churn & how Recurly helps

In the last couple of years, especially during the pandemic, we saw the rise of new consumption preferences–personalization is one of these.  It’s no secret that personalization drives subscription success. According to Forrester, 77% of consumers prefer brands that offer tailored services and experiences, while 66% of customers...

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5 tactics to nail the endemic customer experience with Recurly

The impact of COVID-19 on subscriber behavior has been drastic. Lockdowns and restrictions expedited the shift from purchases in brick-and-mortar stores to ecommerce–changing every aspect of the customer experience, especially in the subscription business. While some have seen a positive impact, others have faced more challenges than opportunities, forcing...

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What is & how to calculate net revenue retention

When running a subscription-based business, fighting against churn is one of your everyday battles. Even though customer acquisition is a major need to scale a business, the ability to retain existing ones is easier and less costly. Here is where tracking revenue retention comes in handy.  What is net...

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