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Recurly’s powerful subscription management and recurring billing platform provides eLearning brands with the A-grade configurable tools you need to grow your subscriber base and accelerate recurring revenue.

Automated recurring billing

Automate the processes, including invoicing, payments, and dunning management, reducing the administrative all-nighters while improving cash flow.

Promotional tools

Increase subscriber acquisition, measure effectiveness, and improve subscriber retention with irresistible gifts, incentives, and coupons.

Payments flexibility

Optimize your payments options with support for multiple payment gateways and processors, alternate payment methods, and advanced fraud protection.

Subscription lifecycle management

Simplify the entire eLearning subscription lifecycle, from sign-up to cancellation or upgrade, providing automation and scalability.

Increase subscriber retention

Elevate retention rates with industry-leading churn management and a textbook case recovered revenue engine that saved customers over $1 billion globally.

Subscription analytics

Gain a study buddy with insights into key eLearning subscription metrics, customer behavior, churn rates, and revenue trends that power teachable moments.

Smart solutions that scale

The global eLearning market is expected to grow at a CAGR of around 12% (other sources say 20%) from now through 2030. It’s a healthy market—and highly competitive. To succeed, eLearning companies need new ways to monetize their content—and a subscription model is one smart way to make the grade.


With so many demands on your development, marketing, sales, and finance teams, it’s challenging to find the resources to launch, manage, measure, and perfect a subscription offering.


The Recurly platform simplifies subscription management and recurring billing, allowing you to focus your resources on growing your eLearning content offering.

Recurly eLearning solution
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Subscriptions aren’t who we are, they’re a way to get our resources into the right hands. We knew we didn’t want to spend our resources on a subscription and recurring billing platform, so we chose the best out there–Recurly.

Mark Engelter— President
Sandbox Learning

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Key features

Recurly allows you to monetize your course content in new ways—from pricing and plan creation to recurring billing and payments to subscription analytics across web and app stores.

Plans, pricing & promotions

Quickly configure and launch new plans and present the right offer at the right price—and easily offer discounts and promotions.

  • Pricing models: Test and finetune numerous pricing models from fixed to quantity-based, usage-based, ramp, one-time and prepay
  • Free trials: Offer cardless or card-required trials to increase acquisition, or request payment at trial close via automated notifications
  • Gifts, coupons, and discounts: Entice subscribers through gift subscriptions and discounted promotions, including one-time, limited-time or forever incentives
Plans, Pricing & Promotion image

Subscriber management

Drive growth faster with cohesive subscriber management, personalized communications, and strategic subscription and revenue insights.

  • Subscriber view: Gain a 360-degree view of subscribers, and allow your teams to easily update and modify plans and terms by subscriber
  • Customer experience: Allow subscribers to easily upgrade, downgrade, start, pause, and cancel subscriptions through hosted account pages
  • Lifecycle communications: Automate the lifecycle journey, customizing dozens of templates by content, language, and time zone
Subscriber management image

Recurring billing

Streamline and automate the entire subscription billing and invoicing lifecycle, simple to complex scenarios, so you can confidently scale.

  • Automated invoicing: Automate the entire recurring billing and invoicing cycle, or accommodate the occasional manual invoice
  • Charges and credits: Automate or manually create custom charges and credits, billed separately or included with the next subscription invoice
  • Taxes and compliances: Tax based on validated billing address for precise collection, and connect with Avalara or Vertex for advanced functionality
Recurly recurring billing image

Payments orchestration

Present a symphony of payment options including credit cards, Amazon Pay, PayPal, Venmo, Apple Pay, Google Pay, SEPA, BACS, BECS, ACH, and more.

  • Payment gateways: Expand and reach new subscribers worldwide with prebuilt integrations to 20-plus gateways and support for 140-plus currencies
  • Alternative payment methods: Explore and add new payment methods quickly and easily, supporting both local and global payment options
  • Fraud management: Minimize fraud and chargebacks with integrated fraud management that effectively fights card-not-present fraud and more
Recurly payment orchestration image

Churn management

Maximize recurring revenue, minimize attrition, and boost customer value with industry-leading churn and revenue recovery tools.

  • Intelligent retries: Leverage intelligent retries of declined transactions using machine-learning, or apply your own retry configuration
  • Account updater: Reduce declines due to expired cards by keeping card data fresh, automatically updating records with accurate data
  • Dunning campaigns: Customize dunning templates for manual and automated invoices, and post-trial declines, configurable across period and timing
Recurly churn management

Revenue recognition

Streamline and automate ASC-606 and IFRS-15 compliance with multiple revenue reporting standards using an enterprise-grade, configurable solution.

  • Revenue management: Simplify accounting with advanced automation, built for high-velocity businesses offering complex plans
  • Revenue recognition: Automate revenue recognition processes complicated by diverse sets of subscription contracts and pricing models
  • Multiple revenue models: Support multiple revenue models (consumption, usage, milestone, percentage of completion, or delivery)
Revenue recognition image

App management

Recurly app management delivers a complete picture of subscriptions across app stores with web subscriptions through a simple, automated data sync.

  • Enhanced subscriber view: Gain a holistic view of all subscriptions with access to subscription details to fuel faster, more-informed decisions
  • Cross-platform analytics: Compare and analyze performance, revenue, and growth across app stores and web with dashboards and reports
  • Cross-platform entitlement: Build and bundle granular features to determine customer access rights through a simple, consolidated UI
Recurly app management image

Built-in analytics

Answer these questions and more with actionable insights into your subscription performance including customizable, advanced analytics.

  • Are subscriptions revenue growing?
  • How are app stores and web subscriptions performing?
  • What is driving subscriber churn?
  • How can I improve operational efficiencies?
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Scale with confidence

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Extend data and workflows via secure, trusted connection types

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Explore and expand into new regions and markets with ease

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Access subscription-industry expertise every step of the way

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