Churn Management

Pause subscriptions

Keep the relationship in play by offering flexible cancellation alternatives.

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Offering subscription pause is a smart way to avoid voluntary churn and reduce marketing costs for reacquisition

Retain more customers

Having the option to pause a subscription—instead of cancel—is a great way to avoid voluntary churn and reduce marketing dollars to win customers back.

Generate more revenue

Offering a pause option keeps the subscription revenue in play. Subscriptions automatically reactivate after the pause period.

Keep the customer happy

Offering customers the ability to pause their subscription instead of canceling is a gesture of respect and goodwill.

Subscription pause is a powerful retention tactic

Put the brakes on voluntary churn by offering pause instead. Avoid losing valuable customers by allowing them to pause their subscriptions on demand.

  • One click pause functionality
  • Specify the pause start date or number of cycles
  • Automatically reactivate the subscription

Pause the subscription term

Pausing a subscription will not impact the number of billing periods that the subscription has remaining.

Usage-based, add-on items aren't forgotten

If you leverage usage-based add-on items, usage will always be invoiced before a subscription transitions into a paused state.

Coupons don’t pause

When a subscription is paused, Recurly will not pause the duration of a coupon applied to the subscription.

Customer emails and communications

Automatically notify customers when their paused subscription is about to reactivate.

Tailor Brands

Each of Recurly's decline management features alone would have taken us significant time and resources to develop and optimize. By using Recurly for subscription management, these capabilities are included with near-zero work on our side.

Maayan Kotler— Vice President of Marketing
Tailor Brands

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Frequently asked questions

Should we offer a subscription pause?

Offering a subscription pause is an effective way to retain subscribers who might otherwise cancel.

What happens if you pause a subscription?

Pausing a subscription means the billing and other services are stopped for a limited time.

Do subscription pauses restart automatically?

On Recurly, subscription billing restarts automatically when the specified number of billing cycles has passed.

How long can subscribers pause their subscriptions?

On Recurly, you specify the pause start date and the number of billing cycles to skip.

What are some advantages to offering a subscription pause?

The most significant advantage is that you will retain a subscriber who otherwise might cancel. The option demonstrates your commitment to customer service, and you can continue to market to the subscriber, possibly winning them back to an active status.

Make subscriptions your competitive advantage

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