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Sales & marketing executives’ guide to subscription management

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The Recurly subscription management and recurring billing platform is designed to provide sales and marketing executives with an easy-to-use platform that provides the agility you need to iterate, experiment, measure, and adapt without draining resources.

Fast & easy plan creation

Flexible pricing models so you can create, launch, test, refine, and repeat new offerings and tweak existing plans for optimal results.

Increased subscriber acquisition

Leverage diverse payment options, cardless free trials, easy-to-use promotional coupons/incentives, and gift subscriptions and cards.

Enhanced subscriber experience

Flexible payment options in your local region and personalized lifecycle communications across web and app stores.

Improved subscriber retention

Industry-leading churn management and a proven recovered revenue engine that saved $1 billion for customers globally in 2022 alone.

Cross-platform visibility

Monitor and measure subscription activity from both web and app store subscriptions in a single, convenient location.

Global capabilities

Scale across borders while communicating in local languages, pricing in local currencies and collecting through regional payment gateways.

The role of sales and marketing professionals

Sales and marketing executives are the architects of successful customer acquisition and retention strategies. You understand the key to success is not just acquiring new subscribers, but also keeping them engaged and delighted by the experience. Your goal is to maximize subscriber lifetime value.


Accelerating subscription acquisition rates while launching new products, honing in on the right pricing and plans, and combatting churn are just plain hard, especially with limited resources.


Recurly helps by freeing you to focus on accelerating growth instead of being roadblocked by technology. With Recurly, you can quickly launch new plans, actively monitor the results, and easily make adjustments. Recurly provides data-driven insights to capture more business and advanced revenue optimization built on machine learning to help you keep more revenue.

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Tailor Brands

We needed flexible payment models, and not all the platforms had that. We needed a platform with an intuitive and easy-to-use API. It was also really important that the platform offers an exceptional user experience, both for customers and our staff.

Maayan Kotler— Vice President of Marketing
Tailor Brands

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Key features

Recurly powers your subscriptions with the speed, flexibility, and insights needed to succeed—from pricing and plan creation to recurring billing, payments orchestration, churn management, and reporting and analytics across web and app stores.

Plans, pricing, and promotions

Quickly configure and launch new plans and present the right offer at the right price—and easily offer discounts and promotions.

  • Plans & add-ons: Mix numerous pricing models within a plan, choosing daily, weekly, monthly, annual, or custom billing periods
  • Free trials: Offer cardless or card-required trials to increase acquisition, or request payment at trial close via automated notifications
  • Coupons & discounts: Entice subscribers through discounted promotions, including one-time, limited time, or forever incentives
  • Gift cards & gift plans: Increase interest with gift cards and plans, using gift checkout, redemption, notifications, and conversion tracking
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Subscriber management

Drive growth faster with cohesive subscriber management, personalized communications, and strategic subscription and revenue insights.

  • Subscriber view: Gain a 360-degree view of subscribers, allowing your teams to easily update and modify plans and terms by subscriber
  • Multi-subscriptions: Allow subscribers to efficiently manage multiple subscriptions per account, consolidating invoices for multiple subscriptions
  • Lifecycle communications: Automate the lifecycle journey, customizing dozens of templates by content, language, and time zone
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Payments orchestration

Present a symphony of payment options including credit cards, Amazon Pay, PayPal, Venmo, Apple Pay, Google Pay, SEPA, BACS, BECS, ACH, and more.

  • Payment gateways: Expand and reach new subscribers worldwide with prebuilt integrations to 20-plus gateways and support for 140-plus currencies
  • Alternative payment methods: Explore and add new payment methods quickly and easily, supporting both local and global payment options
  • Fraud management: Minimize fraud and chargebacks with integrated fraud management that effectively fights card-not-present fraud
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Churn management

Maximize recurring revenue, minimize attrition, and boost customer value with industry-leading churn and revenue recovery tools.

  • Dunning campaigns: Increase your collection effectiveness with automated dunning communications, configurable by accounts, plans and cohorts
  • Backup payment method: Prevent subscription interruptions by enabling backup payment method, designating one payment method as the default
  • Pause subscriptions: Retain valuable customers by offering one-click pause functionality, and specify the pause start date and/or number of cycles
Recurly churn management

App management

Recurly app management delivers a complete picture of subscriptions across app stores with web subscriptions through a simple, automated data sync.

  • Enhanced subscriber view: Gain a holistic view of all subscriptions with access to subscription details to fuel faster, more-informed decisions
  • Cross-platform analytics: Compare and analyze performance, revenue, and growth across app stores and web with dashboards and reports
  • Cross-platform process automation: Trigger new workflows based on app store subscription lifecycle events through APIs and webhooks
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Customizable, in-depth analytics

Answer these questions and more with actionable insights into your subscription performance including customizable, advanced analytics.

  • What new plans are performing best?
  • Are free trials converting into paid subscriptions?
  • How are coupons and incentives performing?
  • What is driving subscriber churn?
  • How are app stores and web subscriptions performing?
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Scale with confidence

Integration methods

Extend data and workflows via secure, trusted connection types

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Global expansion

Explore and expand into new regions and markets with ease

Expand globally

Support & services

Access subscription-industry expertise every step of the way

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