Subscriber Management

Multi-subscription support

Give subscribers choice, allowing them to enjoy multiple subscriptions at a time—hasslefree.

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Reduce clutter and save time by managing multiple subscriptions at once, either the same plan or a different plan

All-in-one endpoint for checkout experiences

With Recurly’s powerful API, you can easily create multiple subscriptions on an existing or new account.

Simplify subscription management

Create a purchase experience that supports multiple subscriptions backed by a single spot to manage it all.

Manage your business needs with ease

Our hybrid billing model gives you the flexibility to include many subscriptions while also including one-time charges.

Automate and scale your subscription billing with multi-subscription support—everything from one-time purchases to recurring plans

Streamline your work and respect subscribers’ time by sharing all the invoicing information in one email instead of cluttering inboxes.

  • Manage multiple subscriptions per account
  • Consolidate invoices for multiple subscriptions
  • Combine one-time and recurring items

Big-picture purchase invoice

Purchases including more than one subscription receive a single invoice. A multiple subscription invoice generates a single transaction to your payment gateway.

Efficient email notifications

Minimize inbox clutter by sending a single, new subscription and payment confirmation email that contain all subscriptions purchased in the transaction.

Webhooks streamline comms

Recurly uses webhooks to help your site integrate with the Recurly platform, automating workflows and tracking subscription events.

Custom notes make it personal

Customize invoices by adapting the look, structure, and content of your invoices to provide a personalized experience that matches your brand.

Flexible and consolidated bill dates

Subscriptions purchased together will naturally bill on a single or separate invoices. Check out our calendar billing feature for additional options.

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By unifying on a single subscription platform, we were able to become more efficient by creating a community of subject matter experts within the division.

Stephen Comstock— Chief Information Officer

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Frequently asked questions

What is meant by multi-subscription support?

Multi-subscription support is the ability for merchants to allow customers to have multiple active subscriptions at one time.

How do I bill for multiple subscriptions?

Recurly allows you to bill for multiple subscriptions on a single invoice for customer convenience. Read more about multiple subscriptions

Can I bill for subscriptions and one-time charges on the same invoice?

Yes, you can include both recurring subscription billing and one-time charges on the same invoice.

Can subscribers sign up for multiple subscriptions at once?

Yes, subscribers can include multiple subscriptions in a single purchase.

Make subscriptions your competitive advantage

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