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Gift subscriptions & cards

Increase customer acquisition and retention with gift subscriptions and cards.

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Delight subscribers and prospects with gift subscription and card options that jump-start long-term relationships

Reduce customer acquisition costs

Watch your most loyal subscribers become your brand promoters. Gifting subscriptions and cards is an effective way to boost signup rates.

Develop a robust promotional toolkit

Gift subscriptions, combined with coupons and free trials, add up to a powerful promotions equation that attracts and retains more subscribers.

Provide gift-pleasing options

Ensure a positive experience for gift givers and receivers alike with options for both gift plans and gift cards.

Let raving fans spread the love by giving subscriptions to their friends and family

Configure, edit, and track your gift subscription offers with ease using an intuitive dashboard built to iterate promotions. Recurly provides two different gift types: plans and cards. These options provide a streamlined experience for both the giver and receiver.

  • Flexible options fit every business and billing model
  • Complete gifting process, from gift card checkout to notification to redemption
  • Full gift subscription and conversion tracking
Learn how gift subscriptions work

Creating gift cards

Subscribers can purchase gift cards on their own account in their chosen amount and receive an email confirmation of their purchase.

Purchasing gift cards

Add a gift card option to the checkout process, allowing gift card recipients to redeem with credit towards any of your products or services.

Gift delivery

Present gift subscriptions or gift cards via email or standard mail. Both have the option to include a custom message and schedule the delivery date.

Creating gift subscriptions

Gift plans are separate plans for gift subscriptions. These are generally configured to have the gifter pay upfront for several months of service for the recipient.

Resolving delivery issues

Manage online delivery issues by editing delivery information, regenerating the redemption code, and resending the gift card delivery email.

Gift giving metrics

The gift cards export helps you track what gift cards are most popular, who is purchasing the most gift cards, and who is redeeming them.

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Recurly has been integral in helping us sort out our pricing plans and deciding how we actually wanted to move our business forward. We wouldn’t be able to function as a business without it.

Frankie Fiest— Finance Director

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Frequently asked questions

What is a gift subscription?

A gift subscription, or gift plan, is a subscription plan purchased by a gift giver for a recipient. The recipient can enjoy their gift subscription without the need to provide payment. Our recent survey found that 70% of consumers love receiving gift subscriptions.

What is a subscription gift card?

A subscription gift card is a gift card purchased by a buyer in a set increment (e.g., $20, $50, or $100) and given to someone as a gift. The giftee can redeem the gift card against a purchase of your products. Learn how quickly recipients redeem gift cards so you can manage your inventory and plan accordingly.

How do I create a gift card?

It’s a simple process. You’ll configure any number of pre-set gift card values in any available currency. Then you’ll upload an image of the card for use on checkout pages and recipient emails.

How do recipients receive their gift card?

The gift giver can decide to send a physical card (if offered) or transmit a digital version via email.

Do gift cards and subscriptions work?

Gift subscriptions aren’t as widely used as trials and coupons, but their growth is exploding, as this is one of the most cost-effective ways for merchants to acquire new subscribers. Get insight into conversion rates from gift cards and subscriptions in our 2023 State of Subscriptions report. To learn about gift card time-to-redemption and conversion rates, check out this article.

Make subscriptions your competitive advantage

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