Subscription Management

Unleash revenue with a range of plans and sophisticated subscriber acquisition tools.

Plan Management

Create as Many Plans as You Need

Unleash new revenue possibilities by creating an unlimited number of subscription plans. Offer plans with a variety of billing models (fixed, usage-based, etc.) and different billing frequencies. Give your subscribers the flexibility to purchase single or multiple subscription plans and combine them with one-time products or services. Charging a one-time setup fee is easy with Recurly. You simply set the amount to be charged when you define the details of each subscription plan.

Recurly's flexible plan management options support a variety of billing scenarios, payment plans, and business needs.

Gain Efficiency With an Item Catalog

Recurly's Item Catalog enables you to separate the things that you sell from the way you sell them. An easy way to think about it is this: an item catalog is what you sell while the subscriptions you offer is how you sell them.

Without an item catalog, it can be challenging to manage your offerings and gain a clear and accurate understanding of which items are being sold and where they are selling. The Recurly Item Catalog solves this challenge and allows you to:

Create a Custom Catalog

Build a catalog of all items offered for sale in Recurly, including key item details like price, description, taxability, and any additional item details contained in custom fields.

Monitor and Optimize Sales

Track and analyze—via the API, exports, or webhooks—sales of one-time items purchased in Recurly.

Enable One-Time Purchases and Recurring Add-ons

Sell items as one-time or recurring purchases via both the Recurly UI and API, with unique identifiers to ensure every item sold is accurately tracked.

Connect With Other Systems

Connect items and item sales to one or more external item-management systems, such as a Product Information Management (PIM), fulfillment, or shipping platforms via unique item identifiers.

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Flexibility to Upsell Products and Services

Bring in additional revenue by upselling one-time products and services with your subscription plans. Let your subscribers purchase complementary one-offs when subscribing to your product or service.


Easily Configure Trial Periods

Offering a free trial is a great way to give prospective subscribers a sample of your product or service before they commit to a paid subscription plan. Easily configure free trial programs including the length of the trial period, whether or not to require payment information up front, and free trial coupons for redemption on any plan.


Convert Trials to Subscribers

Effectively engage with your subscribers to convert free trials to paying customers. Recurly automates the communication process so that your subscribers are not surprised when they receive their first invoice, while you remain in full compliance with laws governing trial programs that lead to paid subscriptions.

Coupons and Discounting

Flexible Tools to Attract and Engage Customers

Discounted price promotions and "special offers" provide flexibility to both attract new customers and engage existing ones. Recurly makes it easy to define and manage numerous promotional offers in a simple console interface so that you don't spend time customizing your billing to sync with your marketing needs.

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Percentage & Total Dollar Discounts

Easily apply percentage discounts or take fixed dollar amounts off the price of a subscription.

Limit Total Redemptions

Limit offers to a fixed number, and automatically monitor the count until the promotional code is no longer valid.

Flexible Offer Length

Easily apply promotions to a fixed number of billing periods, or apply the discount throughout the duration of a subscription.

Multiple Coupons Per Account

Allow customers to redeem more than one active coupon on their account at a time.

Bulk Unique Coupons

Create thousands of unique codes so you can track the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Restore and Edit Coupons

Flexibility to edit existing coupons and restore expired coupons to make them redeemable again.

Gift Subscriptions

Gain New Customers by Using the ‘Social Proof’ of Gift Subscriptions

Recurly Gift Subscriptions let your most engaged subscribers "share the love" by purchasing gift plans or gift cards for their friends and family. Gift Subscriptions are an extremely economical customer acquisition tool and a great way to build a base of loyal subscribers who appreciate the 'social proof' provided by gift subscriptions.

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Subscriber Lifecycle Management

Handle Subscription Changes With Ease

Recurly automatically prorates billing changes that result from subscriber upgrades, downgrades, refunds, or service credits. Our automated tools generate the invoice and provide the data that supports the accounting team's monthly close process—minimizing workflow and reporting challenges created by these lifecycle events.

Reduce cancellations by letting your subscribers pause their subscription for a fixed or ‘unlimited' time. Create efficiencies by allowing your subscribers to view their account status, update their billing information, download previous invoices, and cancel or reactivate their subscription through Recurly's hosted account management page.

Automate Subscriber Communications

Automating communications ensures that your subscribers get the information they need to understand charges and changes related to their subscriptions. Recurly automatically notifies your subscribers via system-generated emails sent on behalf of your business, ensuring fast, efficient transmission of key account information.

Recurly emails are highly customizable to reflect the 'voice' of your brand. We've also translated our default emails into a number of different languages and dialects, so you can communicate with your subscribers in their preferred language and deliver a pleasant customer experience.

Minimize Involuntary Churn and Retain Subscribers

Effective decline management techniques are the key to improved transaction success rates. Recurly has processed billions of recurring transactions, and this has given us unique insights into how to improve payment success. By identifying patterns and applying machine learning, we've developed an incredibly effective, dynamic retry logic.

This sophisticated technology repairs failed transactions and improves subscriber retention—and it increases our customers' monthly revenue by an average of 12%.

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