In the dynamic world of subscriptions, understanding consumer needs and expectations is essential for success.

To tap into exactly what subscribers demand, Recurly surveyed over 6,000 consumers globally to discover valuable insights into what subscribers want from their subscription service—and the key factors that drive engagement, loyalty, and satisfaction.

Our new consumer report, State of Subscriptions: What consumers want, shows that 82% of subscribers seek loyalty incentives.  

Why is subscription loyalty important?

It’s no surprise–retaining customers is more cost-effective than acquiring new ones, making loyalty a top priority for subscription-based businesses. 

Subscription loyalty holds immense value in several ways. Loyal customers provide a consistent revenue stream, ensuring stability and predictable income. They act as brand advocates, are more likely to try new offerings, and are less prone to churn, leading to higher customer lifetime value. 

To increase loyalty, subscription brands must continuously demonstrate the value and convenience of their offerings. 

How can you leverage subscriber data to boost loyalty?

Consumer data goes beyond counting how many consumers are buying your product. It is an invaluable asset for all subscription businesses that want to position themselves as market leaders, as it allows you to: 

Build stronger relationships

70% of subscribers will reconsider a cancellation if given a loyalty incentive

When subscribers feel understood and catered to, they are more likely to become brand advocates. Personalized and flexible experiences help strengthen the bond with subscribers and increase their loyalty. Use subscriber insights to tailor recommendations, content, and promotions–allow customers to modify their subscriptions based on their preferences. 

Enhance your customer experience

78% of subscribers say free trials are important to creating a great subscriber experience

A seamless and exceptional customer experience is crucial to establish a strong emotional connection with consumers and building subscription loyalty. Gathering valuable insights into what your subscribers seek allows you to optimize your offerings, improve user interfaces, and streamline processes to meet their expectations. 

Tailor your communications and marketing efforts

48% of subscribers prefer email as their main communication channel

Regular and proactive communication is key to maintaining subscriber loyalty. Understanding their preferred channels lets you create relevant content that resonates with your audience. Engage with subscribers by seeking feedback, conducting surveys, and implementing their suggestions when feasible–making them feel valued and actively engaged with the brand.

Understand what subscribers really want

Competing in an increasingly crowded marketplace requires continued innovation and the ability to meet subscribers’ ever-evolving needs and preferences.

How can businesses reinvent their offerings to beat the competition, subscriber demand shifts, and new buying behaviors? Check out this guide with 10 high-impact tactics to increase subscription revenue.