Churn Management

Expired card management

Avoid churn by keeping your subscribers’ card information updated automatically ahead of renewal.

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Say goodbye to expired credit card fails

Keep your subscription payments flowing

Your subscribers deserve uninterrupted access to their favorite products and services— and we’ll help make that happen.

Recover more failed transactions

Exclusive Recurly logic pushes the expiration date out on credit cards if a card is set to expire before the next billing date.

Resolve payment errors before the payment fails

Stay in front of payment errors by making revenue recovery a key element of your decline management strategy.

Reduce churn and build trust with customers

Proactively prevent involuntary churn to keep revenue —and subscriber goodwill—flowing.

  • Automatically updates expired credit cards for successful transactions
  • Customize and enable email communications to notify subscribers
  • See what revenue is saved with recovered revenue dashboards

Improve subscriber experiences

Give your subscribers the convenience of having their credit card information continually updated—effortlessly.

Avoid losing revenue

Halt failed transactions stemming from expired credit card information—and stem the financial impact on your business and revenue.

Minimize involuntary churn

Notify subscribers about credit card expirations and encourage subscribers to take action.

Monitor recovery rates

Use analytics to track and identify recovery rates from retry logic and customer updates. Avoid paying failed transaction fees on hard declines.

Optimize payments

Optimized with machine learning, accounting for error codes when scheduling retries and increasing recovered revenue from error-specific retry logic.

Tailor Brands

Each of Recurly's decline management features alone would have taken us significant time and resources to develop and optimize. By using Recurly for subscription management, these capabilities are included with near-zero work on our side.

Maayan Kotler— Vice President of Marketing
Tailor Brands

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Frequently asked questions

What is expired card management?

Expired card management is the process of automatically updating account billing data to ensure uninterrupted billing and prevent involuntary churn. Learn more about credit card declines.

How does Recurly handle expired credit cards?

Recurly continually and automatically keeps credit card data up-to-date to minimize payment failure and hard declines.

How does expired card management reduce involuntary churn?

Involuntary churn results when out-of-date payment information results in payment failure. By keeping credit card payment data continually updated, transactions are much less likely to fail, reducing churn.

Is there a way to tell how much revenue we’ve recovered using expired card management?

Recurly uses subscription analytics to track and identify recovery rates from retry logic and customer updates.

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