If one thing remains predictable within today’s erratic economy is subscriptions–especially for direct-to-consumer businesses, who are experiencing significant transformations. 

The subscription economy market value expects to top $1.5 trillion by 2025. But as the industry matures and faces macroeconomic pressures, consumer expectations evolve. Is your business ready? 

Keep a good thing growing in 2023

Discover the latest subscription trends, predictions, and benchmark data to set you up for success in our upcoming live webinar: The 2023 State of Subscriptions.

Over 12 months, we analyzed over 2,200 subscription business data in the SaaS, eLearning, Digital Media and Entertainment, mobile apps, and the subscription box industry to guide your growth strategy.

In this webinar, Recurly’s Chief Executive Officer Dan Burkhart, Chief Marketing Officer Theresa McEndree, and Director of Business Intelligence Brian Geier will discuss predictions for the subscription industry and break down the four pillars you need to tackle next year.

  • Defeating subscriber churn: Understanding your subscribers' churn behavior is the only way to stay competitive in the ever-changing industry. Discover what motivates subscribers to renew and keep your business relevant amid challenging economic times.

  • Mastering subscriber acquisition: Looking for new acquisition tactics? Understand the real value of trials, coupons and promotions, and gifting options to design a strategy that taps into consumers’ ever-changing preferences.

  • Boosting subscriber growth: Subscriber growth requires a deep understanding of customer behavior. Learn a strategic formulation of personas, acquisition channels, and retention tactics can help you scale your customer base.

  • Enhancing recurring payments: Subscription payments are key to putting your customers’ preferences at the core–and alternative payment methods and currency variety are critical to subscribers’ purchase decisions. 

Predicting the future of subscriptions

The subscription market will continue to evolve and adjust to the changing economic landscape and subscriber preferences. However, subscription brands should not be intimidated by the uncertainty but seize the opportunity to deliver value in subscriptions. 

Even though recession and inflation affect consumer spending habits, the increasing popularity of recurring products proves subscriptions are the future of business–with value, convenience, and content as the biggest drivers of new signups and retention. 

Join us for a 30-minute session to discuss this year's subscription trends and predictions and equip your team with actionable insights to reach your growth goals. 

Stay tuned to get The 2023 State of Subscriptions report on January 24th!