In marketing, allowing prospects to test out your product or service first is crucial to a winning strategy—from Publishing paywalls, to BOTM samples, to SaaS platforms. For subscription businesses, a free trial subscription is an easy way to achieve that. However, requiring payment information for a free trial can add unnecessary friction, making your prospects less likely to sign up and losing out on a potential new customer.

Customers using the Recurly platform have the option to offer free trials without asking for payment information. These “cardless” free trials improve your prospects’ free-trial sign-up experience and support new customer acquisition—a key goal of any subscription business. Various studies have shown that trial sign-ups increase when prospects are not required to provide payment information.

cardless free trial

We’ve made improvements to our cardless free trial feature with availability at the subscription-plan level. Much like pricing, customers can A/B test trials—free trials that require payment information and another that does not, as well as trial lengths—and gauge performance using robust trial performance dashboards that track conversion, acquisition channel, and cancellations. Know not only how many customers didn’t convert, but why.  

When combined with coupons and gift subscriptions, this feature adds another tool to this “promotional toolkit,” which Recurly provides to help our customers increase awareness and drive subscriber acquisition, as well as supercharge retention efforts. 

To learn more, download our e-book, “Recurly Coupons Campaign & Gift Subscriptions: A Powerful Promotional Toolkit” and see how you can use these features to create a compelling marketing strategy.

To learn more about cardless free trials, read our documentation.