Payment Orchestration

Fraud management

Protect your business and deliver a secure and satisfying subscriber experience.

Leverage world-class fraud prevention capabilities with integrated fraud management solutions

Automate decisions

Set policies to approve or decline the transaction automatically, so you can accept more good orders, reduce false declines, and increase revenue.

Reduce chargebacks

Significantly reduce chargebacks by catching potential fraudulent transactions before they’re submitted with machine-learning safeguards.

Improve operations

Precise and accurate identity trust decisions will prevent false positives that can cause frustration and friction with happy paying customers.

Advanced fraud protection when and where it counts

Kount works within Recurly, validating transaction details for each new card prior to contacting the payment gateway.

  • Create custom rules based on fraud trends and business policies
  • Access to the Kount business intelligence tool for in-depth analyses
  • Leverage next-generation artificial intelligence scoring

Real-time fraud detection

Recurly invokes Kount’s fraud service for each new card prior to contacting the payment gateway.

Suss out the bad actors

Combine machine learning, advanced AI, and customizable business policies to identify risky login behavior in real time.

Make the safe decision

If the risk decision from Kount is to decline the transaction, then Recurly will terminate the transaction and not contact the payment gateway.

Dispute and chargeback management

Leverage powerful dispute and chargeback management to help prevent revenue loss from criminal and friendly fraud.

Earning your trust

Existing accounts with a credit or debit card on file will not undergo risk inquiries unless they update their billing information.

Create custom rules

Access to Kount’s BI tool to perform in-depth analysis, manual reviews, and design your own fraud rules based on trends and your policies.

Tailor Brands

Anything related to our revenue is obviously very significant. So, our ability to ensure that our payment processing works smoothly and is effective was critical. This is the most important benefit Recurly gives us.

Maayan Kotler— Vice President of Marketing
Tailor Brands

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