Revenue forecasting

Keep looking forward using accurate revenue forecasting capabilities.

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Improve forecasting with an integrated view of plan performance, billing, and revenue recognition data

Visualize contracted revenue

Use real-time, multi-dimensional revenue insights, reporting, and forecasting to provide complete visibility into recurring revenue.

Elevate forecasting capabilities

Tap into forward-looking statements so your revenue team can visualize contracted revenue, short- and long-term revenue, not just historical data.

Measure the impact of changes

Predict the revenue impact of pricing changes, contract terms adjustments, or free trials from both a cash and revenue recognition allocation.

Accelerate financial close and improve forecast accuracy

Close the books faster and forecast monthly recurring revenue with greater accuracy and predictability with a single, aggregated view across subscriptions, recurring billing, and revenue recognition.

  • Visualize contracted revenue
  • Measure the impact of pricing changes
  • Predict the revenue contributions of unconfirmed orders

Revenue waterfall

Improve revenue visibility and cash flow planning by tracking recognized and upcoming subscription revenue amounts from existing contracts.

Forecast well

Answer questions like: Is this the right opportunity for the company? How will an opportunity impact future revenue from a pricing and allocations perspective?

Integrated solution

Gain revenue forecasting as part of the same solution that supports your subscription management and recurring billing.

Forecast through diversity

Generate forecasts across a diverse set of monetization models, currencies, and payment methods.

Recurly’s automated and scalable billing workflows help increase efficiencies in our finance processes. Our finance and accounting teams now have access to clean data with clear audit trails for accurate and efficient reporting.

Devin Loftis— Chief Technology Officer

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Frequently asked questions

What is subscription revenue forecasting?

Subscription revenue forecasting refers to projecting the recurring revenue your subscription business is expected to generate over a specific period (e.g. monthly, quarterly, or annually).

How can I create accurate subscription revenue forecasts?

Recurly can create these forecasts using your data. The platform automatically analyzes historical data to predict customer churn, acquisition, and retention rates, and forecast future revenue from your subscription contracts.

Why is subscription revenue forecasting important?

Forecasting subscription revenue helps your company accurately plan for short- and long-term growth by gaining a better understanding of your recurring revenue stream.

How does Recurly help merchants forecast subscription revenue?

Recurly allows you to generate forecasts across a diverse set of monetization models, currencies, and payment methods for the most complete and accurate insights. With Recurly, you can forecast subscription revenue at a very granular level to optimize revenue management strategies.

What metrics are used in subscription revenue forecasting?

Revenue forecasting relies on many metrics surrounding subscriber counts, current MRR, average account value, churn rate, revenue recognition rules, and more.

Make subscriptions your competitive advantage

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