App management

Get a clear picture of your app store & web subscriptions

Recurly app management combines subscription metrics across Apple App Store and Google Play through a simple, automated data sync.

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App management diagram

App management & analytics overview

See how Recurly unifies app store and web subscription data for a single source of truth.

Gain instant and reliable access to cross-platform subscription analytics—all in one place

Grow subscription and recurring revenue

by uncovering cross-platform acquisition, retention, and opportunity insights

Enhance the subscriber experience

by leveraging a holistic view of subscribers that fuels targeted engagement strategies

Increase operational efficiencies

by enabling cross-platform processes like entitlements and revenue recognition

Key features

Recurly app management syncs app store subscription data with web data, providing a single source of truth.

Simple configuration

Quickly connect app stores with Recurly to standardize and automate subscription metrics including subscriber, subscription, and payment data, all viewable within a single UI.

  • For Apple App Store and Google Play
  • Historical (via initial upload) and net-new subscriptions
  • Near real-time, one-way data sync
App store configuration image

Multi-platform product catalog

Create and manage a unified product catalog across app stores and associate the products to Recurly subscription plans for more streamlined reporting.

  • Simple setup with several required fields
  • Automated matching once product name is created
  • Intuitive workflow for unmatched subscriptions
Product catalog image

Enhanced subscriber view

Gain a holistic view of web and mobile subscriptions within the Recurly UI with access to detailed subscription details to fuel faster, more-informed decisions.

  • Account and subscription view within Recurly UI
  • Drillable to account and subscription details
  • Exportable for further analysis

Cross-platform analytics

Compare and analyze subscription performance, revenue, retention, and growth across app stores and web with prebuilt dashboards and reports.

  • Total subscriptions and growth
  • Total subscriptions and revenue by product
  • Total billings by account
  • Subscriber retention by cohort analysis
Cross-platform analytics

Cross-platform entitlement

Build and bundle granular features to determine customer access rights through a simple, consolidated UI, often unlocked through subscription purchases in the app stores (e.g. paywalls).

  • Created and managed within a simple interface
  • Configurable across app stores and web
  • Requires APIs for entitlement checks
Entitlement details image

Cross-platform revenue recognition

Enable the automation of ASC-606 and IFRS-15 compliance across web and app stores in conjunction with Recurly revenue recognition, or export the cross-platform data to an external tool.

  • Subscription revenue data sync
  • Includes transaction currency, price, taxes, and more
  • Additional credentials required
Revenue recognition image

Cross-platform process automation

Trigger and automate workflows and processes based on subscription lifecycle events across app stores and web through simple yet robust APIs and webhooks.

  • Hub for cross-platform subscription lifecycle events
  • Events includes new, renewals, failures, cancels, and more
  • Webhook payloads are lightweight
Process automation image

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They (Recurly) have the cleanest, most well-thought-out API in existence. Who knew a company could simultaneously give access to dozens of gateways while exposing a unified interface that's more simple than any of them.

Joseph Wecker— Sr. Engineer

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Frequently asked questions

What is Recurly app management?

App management enables you to centralize your customer, subscription, and payment data from app stores (Apple App Store and Google Play) using the Recurly platform as a single source of truth.

Why should I consider using app management?

With app management, you can grow subscription revenue and enhance subscriber experience with a holistic cross-platform view of insights and opportunities. Further, you can gain efficiencies by developing cross-platform subscription workflows without the need to build and maintain app store data integrations.

How does app management differ from Mobile SDKs?

Our existing mobile SDK allows you to create subscriptions and collect payments through your Recurly payment/gateway rails directly within your mobile app experience. However, Apple App Store or Google Play do not generally allow this within their terms of service. If you need to create subscriptions or process payments through Apple/Google rails, the app management connector allows you to sync subscriptions and subscription data from Apple/Google to Recurly. For Apple, the connector requires another type of SDK to enable the syncing.

What are the costs of using app management?

The cost to use Recurly app management is a fixed annual platform fee and variable usage fee based on gross app store revenue.

Where can I find more information about Recurly app management?

You can find more information in the product documentation page, or by contacting Recurly.

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