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IT & engineering’s guide to subscription management

How IT can drive scalability, stability, and reliability within the Recurly platform

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The Recurly subscription management and recurring billing platform is designed to provide IT and engineering teams with a modern, scalable, reliable, and extensible platform that provides the power and functionality your teams need—without draining precious resources.

Focus on your core business

Eliminate non-core requests that distract from your customer needs by transferring billing platform support and maintenance.

Improve operational efficiencies

Save time and resources and minimize mistakes by automating the subscription management recurring billing process.

Payment gateway flexibility

Access to leading global gateways and diversify payment options including credit cards, PayPal, Venmo, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and more

Connect to leading apps

Build business and process continuity by leveraging Recurly’s vast ecosystem of innovative integrated partners and third-party systems.

Protect customer data

Robust security measures to prevent unauthorized access and ensure compliance including PCI-DSS, SOC II Type 2, GDPR, HIPAA, and more.

Expand & extend workflows

Integrate with other applications with additional secure, trusted connection methods including Recurly API, Recurly.js, webhooks and hosted pages.

The role of IT and engineering is more crucial than ever

You play a crucial role in the development, management, and maintenance of the technology infrastructure that supports your company’s subscription service. And that’s in addition to developing and maintaining the company’s solution offerings.


As the business needs and requests from sales, marketing, and finance continually evolve, your internal team’s finite resources have trouble staying ahead.


Recurly lightens the load of IT and engineering teams by providing a flexible, scalable subscription management and recurring billing platform that plays well with other business applications through direction integrations and an open API. Further, Recurly provides customizable analytics that allow you to make informed decisions across both app stores and web subscriptions.

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Not having to worry about managing subscription billing because Recurly handles that for us has been huge. It has enabled us to focus on the elements that are core to our business—the customer experience and the box.

Becky Segal— VP, Platform Engineering

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Key features

Recurly powers your subscriptions with the automation and insights it needs to succeed—from recurring billing and payments orchestration to reporting and analytics across web and app stores.

Recurring billing

Streamline and automate the entire subscription billing and invoicing lifecycle, from simple to complex, to confidently scale.

  • Automated invoicing: Automate the entire recurring billing and invoicing cycle, or accommodate the occasional manual invoice
  • Invoice customization: Customize invoice and receipt templates including header and footer, assigning templates to individual subscribers
  • Taxes & compliances: Automate the calculation and collection of taxes, including VAT and GST, configurable at the country and state level
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Payments orchestration

Present a symphony of payment options including credit cards, Amazon Pay, PayPal, Venmo, Apple Pay, Google Pay, SEPA, BACS, BECS, ACH, and more.

  • Payment gateways: Expand and reach new subscribers worldwide with prebuilt integrations to 20-plus gateways and support for 140-plus currencies
  • Multiple gateways: Maximize authorization rates by easily implementing a multiple payment gateway strategy and leverage industry-first gateway failover
  • Fraud management: Minimize fraud and chargebacks with integrated fraud management that effectively fights card-not-present fraud
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Churn management

Maximize recurring revenue, minimize attrition, and boost customer value with industry-leading churn and revenue recovery tools.

  • Intelligent retries: Leverage intelligent retries of declined transactions using machine-learning, or apply your own retry configuration
  • Account updater: Reduce expired card declines by keeping card data fresh, automatically updating records with accurate data
  • Dunning campaigns: Customize dunning templates for manual and automated invoices, and post-trial declines, configurable across period and timing
Recurly churn management

App management

Recurly app management delivers a complete picture of subscriptions across app stores with web subscriptions through a simple, automated data sync.

  • Simple configuration: Connect Apple App Store and Google Play into Recurly to standardize and automate subscriptions within a single UI
  • Cross-platform analytics: Compare and analyze performance, revenue, and growth across app stores and web with dashboards and reports
  • Cross-platform process automation: Trigger new workflows based on app store subscription lifecycle events through APIs and webhooks
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Integration methods

Flexible, versatile integration methods to extend and drive frictionless workflows, linking and optimizing every aspect of the subscription lifecycle.

  • API: Two-way communication between Recurly and any external business applications including ERP, CRM, data warehouse, and others.
  • Webhooks: One-way notifications from Recurly when something important happens, such as a canceled subscription to deploy a communication.
  • Recurly.js: Create subscriptions, process one-time transactions, and update customer billing information with our secure Recurly.js JavaScript library.
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Customizable, in-depth analytics

Answer these questions and more with actionable insights into your subscription performance including customizable, advanced analytics.

  • Are subscriptions revenue growing?
  • How are app stores and web subscriptions performing?
  • What is driving subscriber churn?
  • How can I improve operational efficiencies?
  • Am I compliant with ASC-606 and/or IFRS-15?
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Security & compliance

Gain peace of mind with enterprise-grade security and compliance

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Access subscription-industry expertise every step of the way

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