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Pricing models

Capture more subscribers by testing and offering the preferred way customers want to pay for subscriptions.

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Choose from a variety of pricing models that can be applied across plans—or combined within a single plan

Personalize offers with pricing options

Configure compelling plan options by selecting from several flexible and unique pricing models—including fixed, ramp, quantity, usage, tiered, stairstep, and one-time offers.

Create individual or combined pricing models

Identify the right price by choosing a different pricing model for each plan, or combining multiple models within a single plan.

Go global with multi-currency support

Entice subscribers from around the world by configuring pricing in local currencies, choosing from more than 140 currency options.

Flexible pricing models to fit every offering

From simple fixed-priced plans to more complex quantity- and usage-based offerings, the comprehensive pricing model lineup from Recurly allows you to configure the right pricing model for every product sold.

  • Select from multiple configurable pricing models
  • Combine more than one pricing model in a plan
  • Price products and plans in 140+ currencies

Fixed recurring

Opt for the most popular model and charge for a set amount on a recurring basis. Think of a video streaming service at 9.99/month or a box-of-the-month offering at either $15/month or $150/year.


Exclusive to Recurly, set up a discounted point of entry that ramps up over time to the full subscription cost. Or, reward subscriber loyalty by scheduling pricing discounts to valuable, long-term customers.

Quantity based

Pricing is based on the quantity of products or services a subscriber purchases, either tiered, volume, or stairstep. Think of a SaaS company that charges $50 for the first user and $25 for each additional.

Usage based

Bill a variable amount for add-ons at the end of the billing cycle (in arrears) based on usage measured over the billing cycle. Think of a photo site at $30/month for 2GB plus $15 for each additional GB.

One time

Bill a specified amount for one-time purchases such as setup fees or an equipment package. Think of a gym membership with initiation fee plus recurring monthly charges.


Allow a prepaid account balance from customers, enabling crediting for future purchases, and discounts to customers who make prepayments on their purchases and account.

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Recurly has greatly reduced our systems and development costs related to payments and automating our subscription processes.

Justyn Howard— CEO & Founder

Frequently asked questions

What subscription pricing (or billing) models are available with Recurly?

Recurly supports more subscription pricing/billing models than anyone, including: fixed recurring, ramp, usage based, quantity based, plus one-time payments and prepayments.

What is ramp pricing? Why should I consider using it for my subscription plans?

Ramp pricing allows you to define price increases or decreases for a subscription across a specified interval of billing periods. You set the price to “step up” or “step down” over time. Ramp pricing is an effective way to attract new consumers through a discounted point of entry that ramps up over time to the full subscription cost. Additionally, you can leverage ramp pricing to instill customer loyalty, offering discounts in pricing to encourage renewals.

How should I set up my subscription pricing strategy?

Pricing is critical to the success of subscription-based companies, not just during the acquisition phase. Price is also the number one reason people cancel their subscriptions, which means offering the right price at the right time is essential to minimizing churn and scaling your subscription business. Recurly offers enormous flexibility, allowing you to select, test, measure, and adjust your pricing strategies to find the optimal price.

Make subscriptions your competitive advantage

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