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Plans & add-ons

Entice more subscribers by creating, testing, and optimizing any number of plans.

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Easily configure unlimited plans—including pricing, free-trial options, and add-ons—from a single dashboard

Easily launch and manage plans

Setup, launch, query, and adjust every aspect of your subscription plans from a powerful dashboard.

Offer a free trial—with or without a credit card

Entice those on-the-fence prospects with free trial offers that convert to paid subscriptions automatically.

Add more value—and revenue—with add-ons

Include optional, or required, add-on items to any plan, making it simple to create a customized offering.

Configure high-performing plans with ease

No matter what your customers prefer or how many plans it takes to scale, Recurly has you covered with easy-to-use tools to configure and price plans, launch quickly, and put subscribers’ needs first.

  • Create both one-time sale and recurring plans
  • Easily duplicate any of your plans in seconds
  • Automatically convert free trials to paid plans
  • Include optional or mandatory add-ons
Learn how add-ons work

Easy setup and configuration

Easily build out plans to meet your company’s needs and the whims of your subscribers.

Sign up for add ons

Elect to include optional or mandatory add-on items or charges with any plan.

Update, delete, and duplicate

You’re in complete control of every aspect of plan configuration and offerings.

Include set-up fees

Include one-time set-up fees to any plan—to be processed at time of sign up.

Cardless free trials

Remove yet another barrier to sign up by allowing subscribers to secure a free trial without a credit card.

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Recurly has greatly reduced our systems and development costs related to payments and automating our subscription processes.

Justyn Howard— CEO & Founder

Frequently asked questions

What is a subscription plan?

A subscription plan outlines for your customers the details of your product or service offer and their price. Many subscription businesses offer multiple plans, with each one offering a different set of features and pricing models.

What are subscription add-ons?

Subscription add-ons are typically one-time or discrete products or services that you offer to customers in addition to their subscription items as part of the subscription plan. For example, a coffee subscription box service might offer an additional pound of coffee that customers can purchase along with their monthly delivery. Subscription add-ons provide you with flexibility to tailor plans to customer preferences and boost monthly recurring revenue.

What is a subscription trial?

A subscription trial is an acquisition strategy where you offer your product/service to customers for a limited period of time, often for free, so that they can learn about your product. On Recurly, you can elect to collect credit card data during a trial subscription sign up, or offer cardless free trials.

How should I set up my subscription plans and add-ons?

Different subscription businesses will have different objectives—which means their approaches to subscription plan and add-on set up will vary. Recurly offers enough flexibility to support your current objectives and enough agility to meet your future goals.

Should I offer free subscriptions for my plans?

Free subscription trials are an excellent customer acquisition strategy, allowing consumers to appreciate the value of your product or service before committing. In 2022, consumers took advantage of almost 35 million free trials globally from participating subscription sites on Recurly. Overall, the average site-level conversion rate was 38.1%. Discover more metrics surrounding free trial subscriptions, including industry-specific conversion rates, in Recurly’s 2023 State of Subscriptions.

Make subscriptions your competitive advantage

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