Subscriber Management

Billing communications

Customizable and automated communications increase retention by keeping subscribers engaged and informed.

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Personalized communications designed to keep your emails on-brand, on-target, and in compliance

Save time and streamline workflows

Flexible and configurable email templates save your team time, increase their productivity, and minimize errors.

Create emails that represent your brand

Customize your emails to reflect your brand’s visual identity, voice, and messaging while conveying necessary information.

Keep your subscribers informed

Reach subscribers with the important information they need, from account activation to payment confirmation.

On-time, on-target email communications

Recurly email templates are built to please—they are easy to customize—providing your subscribers a consistently on-brand experience with every touch.

  • Leverage dozens of templates to fit every lifecycle event
  • Customize each email to fit your business, including content, language, and time zone
  • Deliver automatically, following triggering events

Enabling and disabling email templates

You have control—-enable or disable email templates on a site level for all of your plans, or on a plan-by-plan level.

Customizing communications

Customize emails in a variety of ways—from adding images to inserting dynamic parameters—and receive notifications when customers take specific actions.

Testing emails

Preview the look and feel of emails in your browser—and send a test version to your email account to view the email the way your customer will.

Trial ending and renewal reminders

Automatically notify customers before their free trial ends, or before their subscription renews, confirming compliance with payment providers.

Email deliverability

Recurly offers best-in-class email deliverability rates using SPF and DKIM signing and a dedicated IP address—all to help make certain your communications are delivered.

A template for every occasion

We provide default templates for every conceivable event in the subscription lifecycle. Activate and make any—or all—of them your own.

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By unifying on a single subscription platform, we were able to become more efficient by creating a community of subject matter experts within the division.

Stephen Comstock— Chief Information Officer

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Frequently asked questions

What are subscriber lifecycle communications?

Subscriber lifecycle communications are the (typically electronic) communications you send to subscribers to keep them up-to-date about changes to their subscription, up-sell and cross-sell opportunities, or payment processing changes.

Why are subscriber lifecycle communications important?

Clear, concise subscriber communication helps customers understand plan changes, upcoming events, required actions, payment status, and more. Our research shows that 40% of merchants make plan changes each year. Overall, 95% of merchants use Recurly’s subscriber lifecycle communications features to keep their subscribers informed and engaged.

Can I customize my subscriber lifecycle communications?

Recurly gives you the ability to customize subscriber lifecycle communications to match your brand’s voice and messaging.

When should I be sending subscriber lifecycle communications?

Most subscriber lifecycle communications are triggered automatically at sign up and renewal events. Other communications might be triggered when a free trial is ending and transitioning to a paid subscription.

Should I be concerned that my subscriber communications won’t be delivered?

Recurly uses SPF and DKIM signing and a dedicated IP address—all to help make certain your communications are delivered.

Make subscriptions your competitive advantage

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