Payment Orchestration

Multiple payment gateways

Multiply subscriber growth by leveraging multiple payment gateways.

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Capitalize on regional and global gateways that support multiple currencies and payment methods

Extend your reach

Choose a combination of payment gateways that allow you to do business in the countries—and the currencies—that matter to you.

Have a backup plan

Configure backup gateway options so you can keep collecting during a service interruption.

Customize to fit

Gain direct control over where transactions are routed to support any business use case, such as separating funds for financial reporting efficiencies.

Expand confidently around the globe by establishing a fail-safe gateway hierarchy

Reach new audiences and boost revenue opportunities by choosing a mix of providers that support additional currencies and payment methods.

  • Reach subscribers worldwide through 20+ gateways
  • Gain support for 140+ currencies
  • Provide gateway failover redundancy

Gateway hierarchy

Transactions are processed through the first gateway added that accepts its card type and currency.

Custom gateway routing

You can specify which gateway will process a transaction via the custom gateway routing feature.

Default gateway

Set a default to prioritize a specific gateway for your credit card transactions as long as the gateway supports a transaction’s card type and currency.

Gateway failover

Automatically route transactions to a back-up gateway when an issue with the primary is detected.

Tailor Brands

Anything related to our revenue is obviously very significant. So, our ability to ensure that our payment processing works smoothly and is effective was critical. This is the most important benefit Recurly gives us.

Maayan Kotler— Vice President of Marketing
Tailor Brands

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Frequently asked questions

What are payment gateways?

A payment gateway processes online payments, authenticating and safely passing cardholder data among the parties within the transaction.

Why is having multiple gateways important?

Multiple online payment gateways can increase the success rate of transaction processing by offering alternatives to customers. If one of your payment gateways is experiencing a low success rate or downtime, an alternative is available. Different gateways support different payment methods and currencies, so having multiple gateways fits into a global strategy. In addition, some customers will simply prefer one gateway over another, such as if they already have an account set up there (e.g., PayPal, Google Pay).

How do I select a payment gateway?

There are many factors to consider when selecting a payment gateway, including cost, currencies accepted, types of payment methods accepted, and countries of operation. Check out 4 insider secrets about payment gateways.

Do I need a payment gateway?

Without a payment gateway in the online payment process, fraudsters can easily access customer card information. If compromised, it can expose your business to fraud and chargebacks.

How do payment gateways secure my customer data?

A payment gateway protects the sensitive payment data using data encryption. The gateway follows several strict procedures for securing data that are defined by the PCI-DSS compliance. There are other security protocols payment gateways use as well, including tokenization and 3DS2.

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