Recurring Billing

Invoice & receipt customization

Customize invoice and receipt templates to match your brand—the way you do business.

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Scale and adapt to the changing needs of your business and customers with personalized invoicing

Tailored invoices

Create, personalize, and modify invoice templates so that information and formatting is unique to each customer or customer segment.

Match every use case

Design and maintain up to ten different templates, each with its own unique information and logo to fit your use case and remain compliant.

Keep your brands consistent

Customize the look and feel of your invoices when your business operates multiple entities with unique brands.

Support multiple entities with tailored invoice templates

Create and manage several invoice templates to suit business use cases that require different invoice information and formatting.

  • Customize invoice and receipt templates, including header and footer images
  • Assign templates to individual accounts
  • Preview templates for design accuracy

Default, then design

The default invoice template comes pre-configured with your company information and is easily altered to suit your business.

Create alternative invoice templates

Add an additional ten templates to your default, each customized with the company information you select.

Hide line-item dates and zero-dollar line items

You can choose to disable zero-dollar line items as well as line-item dates on each invoice template.

Make your mark

Add a custom header and/or footer image to each invoice template. Include a secondary logo to further differentiate the templates.

Override company details

Choose to override the default business address and provide a customized address instead. Your default address—used for taxation—won’t change.

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Not having to worry about managing subscription billing because Recurly handles that for us has been huge. It has enabled us to focus on the elements that are core to our business—the customer experience and the box.

Becky Segal— VP, Platform Engineering

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Frequently asked questions

Is invoice and receipt customization an added cost on Recurly?

This feature is included in Recurly’s professional and elite plans. Customers on our core plan will need to transition to one of these plans to utilize invoice customization. View Recurly plans and pricing

Can invoice customization be leveraged via API?

Invoice customization is supported on both versions of our API—V2 and V3. While configuration and set up of templates is not available via API, you are able to assign and reassign a custom template to each of your accounts.

Will customizations made on invoice templates also update email template content?

Any desired changes for email content should be made directly to the appropriate email template. The invoice reflecting your invoice template configurations will be provided as a PDF attachment in the email.

If I choose to override the business address from site settings on an invoice template, will taxes be adjusted to the new billed from address?

If you choose to override the entity address on an invoice template, that change will only reflect on invoices sent out using that template. The business address that is configured for your site in site settings will be the address used for tax purposes.

Is there a limit on the amount of invoice templates I can create?

Currently you can create up to nine invoice alternate templates, Including the default template, for a total of 10.

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