Subscriber Management

Account hierarchy

Organize accounts into parent-child relationships to simplify the billing process for your customers with complex account structures.

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Accommodate large, multi-locational accounts, including the ability to bill the parent for child account subscriptions

Support any account structure

Configure parent-child hierarchies that match your customers’ operations, billing either the parent or the child accounts as needed.

Automate complex invoicing

Speed and automate the billing cycle for you and your subscribers by correctly billing the right account.

Streamline complex billing configuration

Increase efficiencies with flexible billing assignments and payment responsibilities for any account.

Don’t let billing complexities get in the way of growth

To support subscribers with multiple regions or entities, create and link multiple child accounts to a single parent account to streamline billing management. You choose whether invoices go to the parent or the child account.

  • Create a many-to-one invoicing hierarchy (e.g., a family plan with one account per household)
  • Support complex organizational structures
  • Enable easy visibility into the account structure

Assigning ownership of invoices and payments

Easily record which parent and child accounts are associated with each line item on an invoice.

Defining account hierarchy flexibly

Easily manage and modify parent or child account information and, if necessary, configure invoice and billing events differently.

Managing benefits applications

Allow all customers accounts, no matter what size, to enjoy all subscription benefits, coupons, and refunds.

Keeping it up to date

Add, remove, or change a parent a child account either through the API or through the admin UI to ensure all business applications are current.

Visibility and streamlined reporting

View data surrounding parent-child accounts—including payment responsibility and invoice history—all from one account hierarchy dashboard.

Smart taxation

If you are using Recurly taxes, line items on an invoice billed to a parent account will be taxed based on the parent’s taxable address.

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By unifying on a single subscription platform, we were able to become more efficient by creating a community of subject matter experts within the division.

Stephen Comstock— Chief Information Officer

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Frequently asked questions

What is a subscription account hierarchy?

A subscription account hierarchy is a way to think about (and account for) complex accounts where there is a “parent” account and one or more “child” accounts associated with the parent account.

When would I need to use subscription account hierarchy?

For example, a customer with multiple locations would like each location to receive the product or service. With Recurly, you could configure this account hierarchy, specifying whether the main customer or the locations receive the invoices.

Does the parent or the child get billed in the subscription account hierarchy?

With Recurly, you choose who is billed for each subscription.

How do I track parent and child accounts in the hierarchy?

Recurly provides complete visibility into subscription account hierarchy, making it easy for you to see which accounts are associated and how.

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