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Item catalog

Easily mix and match an infinite number of product items across subscription plans.

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Launch multi-product offers faster—while saving valuable time—by streamlining the creation and management of add-on items

Manage multi-product offers within a single dashboard

Create, delete, and update all your shareable recurring and one-time items within a single, centralized dashboard that’s intuitive and simple to use.

Ensure uniformity for reporting consistency

Establish consistency across all subscription sales by establishing a uniform catalog of items that can be sold on any plan—or on their own.

Gain performance visibility across plans

Item performance exports help identify the impact of disabling or editing an item and quantify pricing and packaging of items across sales channels.

Pricing and packaging made simple

If you sell standard offerings or combinations of offerings to customers, organizing those offerings in the Recurly item catalog makes them simpler to manage, update, and sell. Item catalog simplifies the creation, modification, and management of your unique offerings.

  • Sell as one-time or recurring items
  • Use fixed or quantity-based pricing models
  • Gain deep visibility into item performance across plans


Use the dashboard to view, search for, and maintain all items defined in your item catalog, bringing full item management under one place.

Creating items

Easily create or import products using numerous available fields including name, code, external SKUs, descriptions, and more.

Disabling items

Quickly disable an item to prevent it from being sold going forward—enabling it just as easily later when you’re ready—without affecting existing uninvoiced charges.

Managing items

Edit or update item attributes at any time through the Recurly UI or API to help keep your items in Recurly in sync with downstream systems.

Selling items

Catalog items can be sold as one-time charges on accounts and as recurring charges (add-ons) on plans and subscriptions.

Bonus! Custom fields

Use custom fields within the item catalog to track additional item attributes or identifiers that are unique to your business.

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Recurly has been integral in helping us sort out our pricing plans and deciding how we actually wanted to move our business forward. We wouldn’t be able to function as a business without it.

Frankie Fiest— Finance Director

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Frequently asked questions

What is an item catalog?

An item catalog is a way to organize a collection of items that a business sells as one-time or recurring items. You maintain attributes—like the price and description—in the catalog to ensure consistency and make it simpler to add the items to an order or subscription.

Can I have more than one item catalog?

You may maintain a single item catalog within Recurly, and the catalog can contain any number of items.

How do I add an item to the catalog?

To add an item to the catalog, simply select Items under the configuration menu. From there, select and create a new item. If you have a large number of items to add, see our multi-item upload guide.

Where can I see and edit the items in my catalog?

The item dashboard contains the list of items defined in your item catalog. You can select any item name to view detailed item information, edit the item, or disable/re-enable the item.

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