Revenue Recognition

Multiple revenue models

Solve basic-to-complex revenue models—that fit the ways you do business.

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Capture and record revenue with advanced recognition capabilities that support multiple revenue and pricing models

Bill the way that fits the bill

Incorporate comprehensive revenue recognition capabilities that support multiple revenue models.

Grow beyond your borders

Accelerate your brand’s global expansion efforts with multi-currency and multi-book capabilities.

Say goodbye to back-office bottlenecks

Streamline back-office accounting with a fully integrated billing and revenue management solution.

Support multiple revenue models with agility

Enable revenue operations and accounting to quickly support evolving business requirements for complex and diverse subscriber contracts and plans. Use a single, global solution that easily scales and integrates with existing ERP and accounting systems.

  • Support multiple revenue models (consumption, usage, milestone, percentage of completion, or delivery)
  • Accelerate global expansion with multi-currency and multi-book capabilities
  • Reduce back-office bottlenecks that can hinder the launch of more complex offerings and promotions

Consumption model

Recognize a customer’s contract based on the consumption of the good and/or service.

Quantity model

Recognize a customer’s contract based on prepayment and the quantity consumption for each period.

Delivery model

Recognize revenue based on the delivery. For example, the provisioning for SaaS or the shipment for physical goods.

Project milestone model

Recognize performance obligation based on the completion of the project milestone.

Percentage of completion model

Recognize performance obligation based on the percentage completed, allowing for multiple obligations recognized within a single delivery event.

Recurly’s automated and scalable billing workflows help increase efficiencies in our finance processes. Our finance and accounting teams now have access to clean data with clear audit trails for accurate and efficient reporting.

Devin Loftis— Chief Technology Officer

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Frequently asked questions

What is meant by the term revenue model?

Revenue model refers to the way you choose to recognize the revenue earned from your company’s products or services.

What are some examples of multiple revenue models?

Some common revenue models for subscription businesses include consumption based, quantity based, completed contract, or delivery model.

How does having multiple revenue models complicate revenue recognition?

Each revenue model has its own implications surrounding when and how much revenue should be considered earned. Having more than one revenue model increases complexities.

Does Recurly support revenue recognition across multiple revenue models?

Recurly provides support for multiple revenue recognition models.

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