Churn Management

Intelligent retries

Rethink your approach to churn reduction with intelligent retry technologies.

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Take the smart approach to reducing churn by automatically retrying failed transactions at the optimal time

Retries are worth a try

Maximize your revenue recovery efforts without lifting a finger. Most recoveries come through retries, and Recurly automates the task.

Optimize chances for success

Don’t settle for failure. Automatically retry failed transactions at the time they are most likely to succeed.

Squelch churn

Increase revenue from payment success, reduce customer interruptions, and minimize involuntary subscriber churn.

Smart technology that keeps getting smarter

When a recurring credit card payment fails, our intelligent retry technology uses machine learning to schedule a transaction retry attempt at a time when it is more likely to succeed.

  • Automatically retries failed transactions
  • Retry logic customized for each transaction
  • Unique logic for hard versus soft declines

Customized approach maximizes success

We use machine learning to craft a more intelligent retry schedule that is specifically tailored to each individual declined transaction.

Manual retries force the issue

Choose when to retry by initiating a collection attempt at any time by clicking a button on the details section of a past due invoice.

Know when to stop

Our engines will optimize for retry attempts and know when to stop transaction attempts to minimize the gateway fees.

Hundreds of millions of datapoints can’t be wrong

We train our retry engine using hundreds of millions of data points generated from subscription businesses like yours.

We keep them guessing

In order to optimize the efficiency of our retry schedule, we alter the retry schedule consistently to find the best fit for your business.

Tailor Brands

Each of Recurly's decline management features alone would have taken us significant time and resources to develop and optimize. By using Recurly for subscription management, these capabilities are included with near-zero work on our side.

Maayan Kotler— Vice President of Marketing
Tailor Brands

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Frequently asked questions

What are intelligent retries?

When a recurring credit card payment fails, Recurly’s intelligent retry functionality uses machine learning to schedule a transaction retry attempt at a time when it is more likely to succeed. 55.4% of Recurly merchants decreased their overall churn rates last year using our retry features.

Why are intelligent retries important?

Intelligent retries work automatically, behind the scenes to recapture lost revenue by strategically determining how and when to retry the payment method.

What makes intelligent retries so smart?

Recurly’s intelligent retries use machine learning based on hundreds of millions of data points to automate the process.

How long and how often do intelligent retries happen?

The frequency varies by the nature of the decline. The transaction retry attempts on an invoice will stop after seven transaction declines from the payment gateway, 20 total transaction attempts (including gateway unavailability), or 60 total days since the invoice creation date.

What is churn?

Churn refers to the number of subscribers that stop paying for your product of service within a given period of time. Naturally, merchants want to reduce their churn rates to improve revenues. Discover tips for analyzing churn and review industry average churn rates.

Make subscriptions your competitive advantage

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