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Quickly configure and launch new offers, dial in best pricing, upsell one-time products, celebrate with gift subscriptions, and entice customers through discounted promotions.

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The 2024 State of Subscriptions Strategies & trends for subscription growth.
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Subscriber acquisition overview

See how Recurly helps accelerate subscriber acquisition with easy-to-use tools and insights to track and optimize performance.

Signup motivations

Price is the leading lever pushing subscription growth

Price is the single biggest factor impacting signups. No matter how great your product or service is, if you don’t have the right offer, it’s not going to sell. Plus, price increases are the primary reason people choose to cancel their subscriptions. Strategic pricing is essential to your bottom line.

Attract and acquire new subscribers with flexible, easy-to-use plans, pricing models, and promotions

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Launch personalized products and offers

Subscription tools designed for your ever-evolving needs—from that one-time sale to recurring. No matter what your customers prefer or how many plans it takes to scale, Recurly has you covered with easy-to-use tools to configure and price plans, launch quickly, and put subscribers’ needs first.

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Increase subscriber interest and acquisition

Attract and acquire customers with speed using a portfolio of built-in promotional tools. Configure trial offers, introduce discounts, cross-sell complementary services, upsell one-time products, celebrate with gift subscriptions, and engage subscribers throughout their journeys.

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Experiment and measure for success

Take the pain out of tracking and evaluating offers. Address the needs of your customers with plan and pricing tools designed to be dynamic and flexible. From handling all your offerings with ease to iterating strategically based on data-driven dashboards, reports, and insights, Recurly helps you stay ahead.

Key features

Reach new subscribers, draw them in, and entice their friends and family using flexible pricing, plan options, trial offers, coupons, and gift subscriptions.

Pricing models that fit the bill

Capture more subscribers using flexible subscription pricing that fits your offerings. Choose from fixed, volume, tiered, stairstep, usage-based, ramp, one-time, and prepayment, and customize them to make them your own.

  • Configure plan pricing with the most diverse billing models available
  • Mix and combine billing models within a single plan
  • Support over 140 currencies globally
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Flexible plans and add-ons make more happen

Capture more subscribers by creating and testing an unlimited number of plans. Tailor each plan to include free trials, add-ons, and setup fees.

  • Launch new plans quickly and modify with just a few clicks
  • Develop flexible billing periods to include daily, weekly, monthly, annual, and custom
  • Include one-time products and services
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Item catalogs enable packaging to keep things simple

Organize and manage your offerings with a centralized item catalog. Create custom packages without upfront configurations. Drive one-click price updates, gain insights, and easily connect to an item management, fulfillment, or shipping system.

  • Sell as one-time or recurring items
  • Use fixed or quantity-based pricing models
  • Gain deep visibility into item performance across plans
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Trial management ‘gets them at hello’

Get them clicking by offering a free trial period that automatically converts to a paid subscription. Make it cardless if you like, to eliminate friction and promote long-term subscription signups. Maximize conversion with automated email notifications.

  • Configure by days or months
  • Notifications include automatic emails at the end of trial
  • Require a credit card, or request payment at trial close
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Coupons and discounts get the party started

Whether you are implementing a promotion, special offer, or sales strategy, create and leverage coupons to attract more customers through purchase discounts. Track your campaign success through dashboards and reports.

  • Offer for one-time purchase, a limited time, or forever
  • Configure as percent or fixed amount
  • Can be applied to accounts, subscriptions, and/or items
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Gift amounts Gift a music subscription You have a gift card

Gift subscriptions and cards keep on giving

Expand your subscription acquisition strategy with gift cards and gift plans. Gift cards are sold at a specified dollar amount and redeemed by the recipient. Gift plans allow gift givers to cover a plan’s cost for their recipients.

  • Flexible options fit every business and billing model
  • Complete gift card checkout, redemption, and notifications
  • Full gift subscription and conversion tracking
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Identify growth opportunities with advanced subscription analytics

Gain deep insights into business performance with advanced subscription analytics via charts, tables, and graphs that allow you to optimize what’s working and tweak what’s not.

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Get an at-a-glance view of subscription sign-ups across each available plan.

View the bar charts or use the detailed tables to click into specific accounts.

Easily adjust time frames for your preferred date range.

Plans Summary

Evaluate the performance of plan pricing, plan length, or promotional changes.

Compare attributes of different plans, such as the use of a trial or plan length, to gauge which plan is most successful.

Subscription plan management

Track the performance of your subscription trials and monitor the conversion rates from trial to active subscriptions.

Gain an overview of trial performance KPIs, trial conversion rates, trial subscription status, and trial subscription status details.

Customer LTV
Plans Summary Subscription plan management Customer LTV

Get connected through the Recurly partner ecosystem

Seamlessly extend your existing workflows and tech stack with pre-built integrations with dozens of CRM, ERP, and data systems, as well as gateways, accounting, tax, and fraud solutions.

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Create, manage and monetize subscriptions seamlessly with our two-way, automated sync with account, plan, subscription, invoice, transaction, and line item data from Recurly into Salesforce.

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Oracle NetSuite

Enhance your subscription process by syncing billing and customer subscription data from your Recurly plans to the financial and accounting data in your Oracle NetSuite environment.

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Provide better customer service by answering customer questions and handling more customer requests quickly with three available Zendesk syncs: Zendesk Chat, Zendesk Support, and Zendesk Sell.

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QuickBooks Online

Enable automatic transfer of Recurly customer accounts and items, along with data from invoices, payments, and refunds to QuickBooks, improving data accuracy and revenue accounting process.

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Recurly has been integral in helping us sort out our pricing plans and deciding how we actually wanted to move our business forward. We wouldn’t be able to function as a business without it.

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Frequently asked questions

What is subscription pricing or a subscription-based pricing model?

A subscription-based pricing model allows a customer or an organization to purchase or subscribe to merchant products or services for a specific period of time, for a set price, on a recurring schedule of billing.

Why is subscription pricing important?

It offers a convenient way for customers to try new items without a long-term, costly commitment.

Why adopt a subscription business model?

One, it attracts more customers with its lower entry point (e.g. paying $15 monthly vs. $150 in advance). Two, it offers predictable revenue for businesses. Three, it allows businesses to build stronger, more valuable relationships with its customers.

What is the difference between a subscription and a license?

A license is typically sold as a one-time charge and allows the user to access the product indefinitely. A subscription is billed on a recurring basis and provides user access only while they continue to pay the subscription fee.

How does a subscription management model work?

Subscription management business models are based on the idea of selling a product or service to receive recurring subscription revenue.

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