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Dashboards & reports

Leverage powerful subscription analytics, reports, and KPIs to get the big picture with little effort.

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Deep insights into your subscriptions and recurring billing through dashboards and reports put you in the driver’s seat

Tell me about my customers

Get the answers to the questions that keep you up at night, including how many subscribers? What is their LTV? How are my churn rates? What is my net subscriber change?

Let me see which subscriptions are winning

Instantly discover which plans are performing, which are falling short, and how many subscribers are subscribing.

Show me the money

Direct access to metrics that matter, including average revenue per customer, monthly recurring revenue (MRR), recovered revenue, and net monthly billings.

Shine the light on subscription metrics that matter

Access detailed and downloadable reports that include your KPIs and graphs to help you measure and optimize plans, subscribers, and revenue for faster business growth.

  • 360-degree view of subscriber and subscription data
  • Real-time metrics to inform decision making
  • Actionable insights into trends and opportunities

Predict monthly MRR

Evaluate your businesses’ growth and revenue momentum by predicting revenue on a monthly basis.

Measure subscriber retention

Use cohort analysis to evaluate paid subscriber retention and churn rates over a specified timeframe for each group of paying subscribers.

Monitor churn rates

Calculate the total number of subscriptions that have expired during a selected time period, sectioned by voluntary or involuntary churn.

Plan performance comparisons

Compare the performance of plans using trial conversion rates, churn rates, subscription totals and growth, MRR growth, plan movement, subscriber totals, and average LTV.

Trial performance monitoring

Track the performance of your subscription trials and monitor the conversion rates from trial to active subscriptions.

Dunning campaign effectiveness

Review the dunning recovery rate, amount of revenue recovered, and number of subscriptions saved for invoices that go past due.

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Recurly’s analytics suite does a lot of the things we’ve been doing manually but much more beautifully, accurately and easily.

Andrew Seidman— Co-founder & COO
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Frequently asked questions

What are subscription dashboards and reports?

Subscription dashboards and reports are ways to organize, consume, analyze, and share subscription analytics data quickly and easily.

What are some examples of dashboards and reports that Recurly provides?

Recurly provides a number of prepared dashboards and reports, and also allows users to customize them and create new reports of their own. Popular reports and dashboard metrics include MRR growth, plan performance, and churn rates.

What subscription metrics are the most important to include on dashboards and reports?

There are a number of metrics that subscription businesses find valuable, including monthly recurring revenue (MRR), annual recurring revenue (ARR), recovered revenue, acquisition, subscriber churn, dunning activity, and subscription plan performance.

What makes dashboards useful for subscription business analytics?

Dashboards provide quick, concise, real-time access to large amounts of data, organized into a graphic, easy-to-consume format.

What type of information is available on the Recurly analytics dashboard?

The Recurly analytics dashboard includes sections for customer, subscription, and revenue data. Within each section there are multiple widgets offering deep insights, such as active subscribers and churn rate; totalsSubscriptions and top five plans; and average revenue per customer and MRR.

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