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Dunning campaigns

Best-in-class dunning tools help you recover failed payments and increase revenue.

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Move away from a “one-size-fits-all” dunning approach and implement customized strategies that directly impact your bottom line

Configure the right revenue recovery approach

Implement a dunning strategy that works for you using a variety of campaign configurations.

Intuitive and easy to use

Easily configure, maintain and automatically execute targeted dunning campaigns to keep revenue flowing.

Customizable content

Personalize dunning messages to fit your brand. Your company is unique, so your communications should be too.

A customizable dunning process that gets results

Automate an effective dunning strategy that works behind the scenes to recover more revenue—an industry-leading 25% to be precise.

  • Configure multiple dunning campaigns for various cohorts
  • Assign different campaigns to specific plans or accounts
  • Customize templates for manual, automatic invoice, and post-trial declines

Flexible dunning configuration

Tailor your dunning strategy to your unique subscriber plans or accounts. Separate the dunning and retry process to minimize collection time.

Email template configuration

Customize all emails in the dunning process using unique email content for each stage of your strategy.

Updating billing info

Make it simple for customers to update their billing info with a direct link to their hosted account page in the email.

Refine strategies for results

Modify the length of your dunning cycle. Adjust the cadence of email communications. Use webhooks to connect your marketing automation platform.

Monitor your effectiveness

Monitor your dunning recovery over time. Understand the effectiveness of your running settings. Make corresponding changes based on insights.

Tailor Brands

Each of Recurly's decline management features alone would have taken us significant time and resources to develop and optimize. By using Recurly for subscription management, these capabilities are included with near-zero work on our side.

Maayan Kotler— Vice President of Marketing
Tailor Brands

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Frequently asked questions

What is a dunning campaign?

Dunning campaigns enable the process of communicating with customers to ensure the collection of accounts receivable, typically once the receivables are overdue.

When do dunning campaigns begin on Recurly?

Dunning begins when an invoice has failed its initial payment attempt for automatic invoices (e.g., credit card, ACH, direct debit) or when net terms pass for manual invoices (e.g., check, wire).

Can we customize dunning campaigns for our business?

Yes, you can change the failed payment email intervals, number of email attempts, which email to send, and desired end-result for a subscription and invoice when payment is not successfully collected.

Do dunning campaigns work?

Recurly’s automated dunning campaigns are highly effective. Recurly recovered $214 million in revenue from dunning emails alone in 2022.

What factors influence the effectiveness of dunning campaigns?

Timeliness, persistence, consistency, and personalization all influence the effectiveness of a dunning campaign. Recurly automates the process to make it simple.

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