Consumers are shaping the path for growth in the industry–understanding their demands and expectations is essential for success.

To help you get a better picture, we went straight to the source. Recurly surveyed over 6,000 consumers globally about what they look for in subscription services to identify the key factors driving engagement, loyalty, and satisfaction across geographies and generations.

Our new consumer trends report, State of Subscriptions: What consumers want, shows that 71% of subscribers seek pausing options. 

Why are subscription pausing options important?

The answer is simple–offering a subscription pause is a smart way to avoid voluntary churn and reduce marketing costs for reacquisition. By pausing the subscription temporarily, they can easily resume it without going through the entire sign-up process again.

Additionally, subscription pauses empower customers with control over their subscriptions, provide cost-saving benefits, enhance customer satisfaction, and contribute to long-term subscriber relationships.

To improve retention and loyalty, brands must provide convenient ways for consumers to manage their subscriptions according to their changing circumstances.

How can you use data to retain more subscribers?

Consumer insights should dictate the focus of your retention strategy. Checking on industry benchmarks, analyzing your subscribers’ behavior, and understanding their needs allows you to: 

Offer personalized experiences

65% would likely reconsider canceling if they can customize their plan to their needs

Pausing options help customize your products and cater to individual customer needs. By implementing such flexibility, you can demonstrate you’re willing to accommodate subscribers' preferences–encouraging customers to continue using the service in the long run.

Deliver value and convenience

Give consumers what they want and 26% will stay subscribed for another four-to-six months

Subscription pauses provide a convenient way for customers to manage their service according to their changing circumstances–during vacations, extended work projects, or other personal situations. 

Build subscription loyalty

70% of subscribers will reconsider a cancellation if given a loyalty incentive

When customers can pause rather than cancel a subscription, they feel more valued and inclined to stay with the service in the long term. It shows that your company understands their needs and preferences, fostering a positive relationship.

Get the data–discover what subscribers really want

From sign up to renewal, subscription consumers want a simple experience that puts them in the driver’s seat. Unlock the power of consumer trends and subscriber insights with our global report, State of Subscriptions: What consumers want. 

Gain the insights you need to create unforgettable experiences, delight your subscribers, and thrive in the competitive subscription landscape. Download the report to learn how:

  • Tailored experiences create an ideal journey that keeps subscribers engaged and satisfied.

  • Powerful strategies like payment options, flexible plans, and captivating free trials attract new subscribers and turn them into loyal customers.

  • Loyalty rewards and intentional communication can build lasting relationships that maximize customer lifetime value.