Payment Orchestration

Subscriber wallet

Increase payment assurance with your customers by enabling the storing for multiple payment methods for an account.

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Subscriber wallet puts payment preference power in their back pocket

Provide subscribers with flexibility

The subscriber wallet provides payment flexibility by allowing subscribers to assign subscriptions to different payment methods or specific one-time transactions.

Choose from a broad bank of payment options

Funding sources for subscriber transactions can include credit or debit cards, bank accounts, or alternative payment methods like Amazon Pay, PayPal, Apple Pay, and others.

Assign a unique payment to each action

Assign specific billing information to each account subscription, and then assign another payment method to one-time purchases or for use as a backup method.

Subscriber wallets hold the cash

Allow subscribers to pay how they want—a single time or over time—by enabling them to assign different payment methods to each account, to each subscription on an account, or as a backup payment should the primary payment fail.

  • Vary the payment method by subscription
  • Assign a different method to one-time payments
  • Specify a backup method in the event of failure

Accounts have one default plus 20 more

Accounts can be assigned one default and up to 20 additional payment methods. Another payment method can be updated to primary whenever needed.

Billing info flexibility

Allow customers to use different billing info based on the preferred payment method. If the primary billing info changes, the subscription will continue to use the specified information.

Invoices follow the rules

Invoices created via API will use the billing information included in the request. If no billing information is provided, the primary billing information on the account is used.

Manual collection method

Option to set the subscription for manual collection method, but all assigned billing information will be cleared from the subscription.

Tailor Brands

Anything related to our revenue is obviously very significant. So, our ability to ensure that our payment processing works smoothly and is effective was critical. This is the most important benefit Recurly gives us.

Maayan Kotler— Vice President of Marketing
Tailor Brands

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Frequently asked questions

What is a subscriber wallet?

The subscriber wallet creates payment flexibility for your customers by allowing subscribers to assign subscriptions to different payment methods or for specific one time transactions.

Why should I offer a subscriber wallet?

Subscriber wallets add flexibility by allowing customers to select the desired payment method for a specific transaction.

How does a subscriber wallet work?

Customers may enter multiple payment method data for their account (i.e., both a credit card and ACH). One payment method is designated as primary. Then the customers assigns a payment method to each subscription and to one-time purchases. Recurly uses the assigned payment method when processing transactions. If a payment method is not assigned, the primary payment method is used.

How does a subscriber wallet benefit my customers?

Customers may establish one payment method for recurring billing and use another for one-time purchases, for example. The subscriber wallet allows them to designate multiple payment methods for their account.

Make subscriptions your competitive advantage

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