The holiday season is near, and both businesses and consumers are preparing for the upcoming festivities. While economic conditions may affect spending, 53% of consumers are interested in giving gift subscriptions this year, according to our recent survey for 2023 holiday shopping trends.

We asked 2,000 consumers in the U.S. and U.K. about their intentions to give or receive gifts to answer three of the most-asked questions from subscription businesses:

  • Why should you offer gift subscriptions this holiday season?

  • What is the most popular subscription to give?

  • How do you convert gift recipients into subscribers?

Why should you offer gift subscriptions this holiday season?

Gift subscriptions are an excellent tool for boosting acquisition, building consumer relationships, and expanding recurring revenue opportunities. If you haven’t considered them as part of your holiday promotion strategy, you’re just in time to do so–here’s why:

53% of consumers plan to give subscriptions

As mentioned above, 53% of shoppers are interested in giving subscriptions during the holidays–while only 27% have done so in the past. Consumers seek convenience and personalized experiences, and subscriptions are an easy-to-purchase, customizable option that lets receivers access their favorite things. 

62% of shoppers would spend up to $100 on gift subscriptions 

More than half of gift givers are ready to spend from $26 to $100 for gift subscriptions, which means that businesses should diversify gift options to provide customers with a variety of appealing choices that fit their budgets.

Offering gift subscriptions during the holidays can be a win-win strategy for businesses and consumers. You expand your acquisition opportunities, while your customers find exciting present opportunities.   

What is the most popular subscription to give?

Shoppers are planning to gift subscriptions, but are consumers expecting to receive them? The answer is yes. Over half of respondents show interest in getting a subscription as a gift. 

Subscription gift preferences can vary depending on the recipient's interests, age, and lifestyle. 

However, some subscription types have gained widespread popularity–especially food and drink, streaming media, and in-person entertainment.

How can you convert gift recipients into subscribers?

Every subscription business shares a common aim: retaining consumers. Gift subscriptions have proven to be an effective tactic to boost retention. 

In fact, subscriptions that started as gifts have an average length of 485 days. And what’s keeping consumers subscribed beyond the gift period are affordability (41%), personal enjoyment (25%), and convenience (24%).

While affordability lays the foundation for enduring relationships, personalized journeys, and exceptional value can help you leverage the holiday season to acquire more long-term subscribers.

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Free report: Get more holiday trends & consumer preferences

A hypercompetitive market is forcing a requirement for hyper-efficient subscriber acquisition, and gift subscriptions are one powerful lever you can pull. The holiday season offers a great opportunity to introduce both gift givers and recipients to gift subscriptions. 

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