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Gain a complete view of subscribers and subscriptions and manage them with ease through integrated subscription and communications tools that simplify complexity and accelerate growth.

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The 2024 State of Subscriptions Strategies & trends for subscription growth.
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Subscriber lifetime value overview

See how Recurly helps you manage and grow subscriber LTV through integrated tools and actionable insights.

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Capture your share of the market

Over the past decade, the subscription economy grew almost five times faster than the S&P 500 and is on track to double in the next three years.

As businesses look to increase revenue, capitalizing on the loyalty created by subscription services proves to be a driver of growth. Recurly research finds that customers feel more loyal (51%) and tend to spend more money (42%) with brands and businesses they subscribe to.

With so much opportunity awaiting, businesses need fast, scalable subscription management tools.

Drive growth faster with cohesive subscriber management, automated communications, and flexible plan configuration

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Unite your teams with a single, shared view

Keep your teams synced and your subscribers front and center with tools that connect the dots and deliver the facts. And handle those complex parent/child accounts without feuds using simple account hierarchy billing.

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Manage subscription changes with ease

Remove the friction and make it easy to modify and update subscriptions. Subscribers can easily add, change, pause, and cancel anytime, increasing their satisfaction and letting the goodwill flow throughout your relationships.

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Engage thoughtfully at each point in the journey

Leverage tools and resources to keep milestone communications streaming throughout the subscriber lifecycle—automatically. Deliver contextual, customizable, personalized emails that inform, engage, and retain customers.

Key features

Build healthy margins, manage tiered pricing models, and grow your customer base using flexible and intuitive tools that simplify the entire subscription lifecycle and adapt as your business changes.

Subscription management built to scale

Easily manage subscribers and their subscriptions with full visibility throughout the lifecycle—from future, active, paused, canceled, or expired. You're in complete control, even down to updating pricing tiers and product combinations.

  • Maintain all subscriber data in one location
  • Gain visibility through subscription dashboards and reports
  • Update and modify pricing plans and terms by subscriber
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Multi-subscription support multiplies the value

Why stop at one when you can allow customers to sign up for multiple subscriptions? Remove the friction and make it simple for customers to shop for two or more subscriptions and combine them into a single purchase.

  • Manage multiple subscriptions per account
  • Consolidate invoices for multiple subscriptions
  • Combine one-time and recurring items
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Subscription lifecycle emails keep them engaged

Build relationships with your subscribers. Keep relevant communications from your customer base flowing through the subscription lifecycle using customizable email templates and automated delivery.

  • Leverage dozens of templates to fit every lifecycle event, including sign-up, billing, and renewals
  • Customize each email to fit your business, including content, language, and time zone
  • Deliver automatically, following product decisions
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Account hierarchy supports parent/
child relationships

To support subscribers with multiple regions or entities, create and link multiple “child” accounts to a single “parent” account to streamline billing management. You choose whether invoices go to the children or the parent account.

  • Create a many-to-one invoicing hierarchy (e.g. a family plan with one account per household)
  • Support complex organizational structures
  • Enable easy visibility into the account structure
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Personalize Checkout to gain more subscribers

Recurly Checkout makes the checkout process as fast and frictionless as possible, ensuring a seamless, secure, and personalized experience for every customer—one that leads to more signups.

  • Deliver dynamic personalization that wins subscriber trust and loyalty
  • Offer additional payment options that increase conversions
  • Reinforce your brand identity throughout
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Identify growth opportunities with advanced subscription analytics

Gain deep insights into business performance with advanced subscription analytics via charts, tables, and graphs that allow you to optimize what’s working and tweak what’s not.

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Get a quick view of total active subscribers for last month, previous month, three months ago, and one year ago.

Filter to see the daily, weekly, or monthly number of active accounts and subscribers, all adjustable to your preferred date range.

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Track subscriber growth (anyone with an active subscription) over time to identify trends, including calculations for the net change of new, returning, and churned subscribers over a selected timeframe.

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Gain better insights on your subscribers with a proprietary cohort analysis, showing active and churned subscribers over time. Evaluate paid subscriber retention and churn rates over a specified timeframe.

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Get connected through the Recurly partner ecosystem

Seamlessly extend your existing workflows and tech stack with pre-built integrations for dozens of CRM, ERP, and data systems, as well as gateways, accounting, tax, and fraud solutions.

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Create, manage and monetize subscriptions seamlessly with our two-way, automated sync with account, plan, subscription, invoice, transaction, and line item data from Recurly into Salesforce.

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Oracle NetSuite

Enhance your subscription process by syncing billing and customer subscription data from your Recurly plans to the financial and accounting data in your Oracle NetSuite environment.

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Provide better customer service by answering customer questions and handling more customer requests quickly with three available Zendesk syncs: Zendesk Chat, Zendesk Support, and Zendesk Sell.

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Glean greater insights into the performance of your subscription business by automatically exporting account-level data from Recurly and combining it with other data sources stored in Snowflake.

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Frequently asked questions

How do I manage recurring revenue?

Managing recurring revenue can add complexities—including compliance mandates—to a company’s accounting workflow. Full visibility into the recurring revenue stream and customer subscriptions is essential.

What is subscription management?

Subscription management is the process of managing your customers’ subscriptions—including contract terms, payment methods, ship, and bill-to addresses—throughout the subscription lifecycle.

What is a subscription management platform?

A subscription management platform is software for businesses designed to help manage their customers’ subscriptions and subscription pricing models.

Why do customers prefer subscriptions?

Customers say they prefer subscriptions for their convenience, flexibility, personalization, variety, sense of exclusivity, and value-based pricing to lower the financial barrier to entry.

What is subscription lifecycle management?

Similar to subscription management, subscription lifecycle management is the process of managing every aspect of your customers’ subscriptions throughout the subscription lifecycle, from initial signup to pause to cancellation.

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