Scaling IT infrastructures is a common challenge for subscription businesses. Engineering and product teams are strapped for resources, often lacking the tech stack to handle the complexities of scaling globally. 

Regardless of your business size, success relies on optimized internal processes, especially in technology. However, technology teams invest in building and maintaining custom subscription and billing management systems that divert resources from innovation. They discover they’re left with an outdated infrastructure that fails to perform during high-volume events, leading to revenue loss, poor subscriber experiences, and brand damage.

Don’t let this be your case.

Here are some of the takeaways from our latest webinar. Recurly CTO Tony Allen and Scentbird CTO Andrei Rebrov share how they have driven their companies to scale while removing friction and seamlessly delivering the subscriber experiences that set their brands apart.

Building or buying the technology stack? 

When you start a business, you usually don’t know what kind of business you want–or could–be, but you know what problem you’re trying to solve. 

One investment you must make in the early days is ensuring you have the right technology stack in place. This leads to a question many subscription-business owners face: Do we build our own subscription management software or use one of the existing platforms and build on top of it?

For Rebrov, the approach was only to build something that would differentiate Scentbird from its competitors and work with the right tools and experts to manage solutions they’re not experts to–subscription billing and management, for example. 

Key components in subscription success

While consumer demands continue to evolve, Rebrov shares the three elements he considers crucial to scale subscriptions. 

  1. The importance of payments: Payments are vital in recurring services. Working with third parties and using the right service to solve the right problem is crucial –like fraud prevention, revenue recovery, and more. 

  2. The right personalization approach: For Rebrov, personalization is not a one-time project but an ever-evolving plan that ensures the subscription experiences Scentbird provides seamlessly and conveniently–offering pauses, asking for feedback, and leveraging the relevant channels to communicate with customers.

  3. The compliance and security challenges: Keeping up with all the compliance regulations across locations is challenging, so you must rely on a team that constantly reviews and updates your website. 

What are the upcoming subscription trends in retail? 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming increasingly helpful for subscription businesses, as it allows teams to build faster solutions and optimize resources–from website and social media design to improving customer support. Additionally, subscriptions provide flexibility and personalization in building products and creating experiences that cater to consumers’ needs in innovative ways. 

Watch the webinar & get more insights

Learn what it takes to build subscriptions that scale from experts that have done it. Watch this 30-minute webinar and learn how to deliver remarkable growth and ensure a seamless experience for your subscribers.

Walk away with the actionable insights to: 

  • Establish a solid infrastructure that addresses the critical aspects of performance, security, and compliance for the success of subscription-based businesses. 

  • Gain insights on when and how to release the burden of internal subscription management and billing processes–shifting your focus toward product innovation and core business activities, unlocking new avenues for growth and competitive advantage.

  • Leverage the power of payments, data, analytics, and other essential tools to build an environment that aligns with consumers' desires and preferences, propelling your business to new heights.