Consumers’ demands and expectations are shaping the way subscriptions are perceived. And businesses must understand them to succeed. 

To help you create a better consumer experience, Recurly asked over 6,000 consumers globally what they want from their subscription service–discovering valuable insights that drive engagement, loyalty, and satisfaction across geographies and generations. 

Our new consumer report, State of Subscriptions: What consumers want, shows that 48% of subscribers feel more valued when rewarded for loyalty.

Why are subscription loyalty rewards important?

Exclusive perks, discounts, and promotions have become a crucial role in fostering a sense of loyalty among subscribers. These rewards provide added value and benefit and have a direct impact on a customer's lifetime value–a higher CLV translates into increased revenue and profitability for the company, making loyalty rewards a worthwhile investment.

Additionally, loyal subscribers are more likely to become brand advocates and recommend your business to family and friends. This word-of-mouth marketing is invaluable, as it can attract new customers and amplify your brand's reach.

How can loyalty rewards help you increase retention?

Subscription rewards are a key component of retention strategies. When coupled with subscriber data analysis, loyalty incentives become even more effective, enabling businesses to personalize experiences, predict and prevent churn, and continuously innovate their products.

Incentivizing long-term subscriptions

82% of consumers would stay subscribed if they were given loyalty incentives

Loyalty rewards make subscribers feel like part of a privileged, exclusive group–making them feel appreciated. This exclusivity reinforces the perception of value and makes subscribers less inclined to switch to alternative services.

Enhancing customer satisfaction

65% of consumers are more likely to subscribe if a free gift is included

In a dynamic market like subscriptions, loyalty rewards can differentiate you. Subscribers feel valued when they get special treatment, leading to a positive emotional connection with the brand and retaining customers who might otherwise consider switching to a competitor.

Improving subscriber engagement & lifetime value

80% of subscribers want to be rewarded with lower prices, discounts, and upgrades

Reward programs also offer convenience and money-saving benefits for consumers. Additional perks or discounts on higher tiers and related products incentivize customers to upgrade their subscription or make additional purchases–increasing revenue and solidifying subscribers' commitment to your brand.

Get the report–learn what subscribers really want

Consumers seek frictionless subscription experiences that offer value, convenience, and exciting incentives. Unlock the power of consumer trends and insights with our global report, State of Subscriptions: What consumers want. 

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