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Build customized reports that deliver deep insight into your subscriber and recurring billing.

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Explore actionable insights with powerful custom reporting tool that allows you to visualize subscription and billing data your way

Zero in on what matters

Highlight the subscription and revenue data that matters to your business, in the format stakeholders need.

Build it your way

Combine metrics, custom fields, and visualizations to create eye-popping reports that are all your own.

Answer every question

Uncover answers and insights that help you better understand your subscription business and make strategic decisions.

Create custom insights

Recurly report builder is a powerful tool that allows you to easily create custom insights into your business. Use builder to generate a report or dashboard that combines the metrics you care about most.

  • Pair metrics with custom fields to deepen insights
  • Download reports for further analysis
  • Include visualizations such as a map, table, or timeline

Powerful yet simple to use

Combine dimensions (names, geographical data, dates) with measured counts, totals, and averages. Add in your filter and sort criteria—and you’re good to go.

Include custom calculations

Quickly create and use formulaic custom fields in your report to get the numbers you need for better decision making.

Pictures make it perfect

Bring the reports to life by including data visualizations such as maps, timelines, or sankeys. You control color, size, and more.

Download for further analysis

Export or download your data as a TXT, Excel, CSV, JSON, HTML, Markdown, or PNG file to leverage its value across applications.

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Recurly’s analytics suite does a lot of the things we’ve been doing manually but much more beautifully, accurately and easily.

Andrew Seidman— Co-founder & COO
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Frequently asked questions

What is the Recurly report builder tool?

The Recurly report builder tool is a subscription reporting and analytics tool that allows users to create customized reports that deliver subscription insights and meet specific business needs.

What kinds of reports can I build using the tool?

Report builder is a powerful and flexible tool that allows you to create a virtually unlimited variety of reports by drawing upon your subscription, subscriber, and revenue data. In addition, you can include data visualizations and use custom fields to create unique calculations.

Can we export the report data for use in other applications?

You can export or download customized subscription report data as a TXT, Excel, CSV, JSON, HTML, Markdown, or PNG file to leverage its value across applications.

What are custom fields and how might I use them?

Within the report, you can create formulaic custom fields to produce the metrics, insights, and KPIs that matter most to your organization.

Can I add my custom reports to the Recurly dashboard?

Custom subscription reports can easily be added to a new or existing dashboard.

Make subscriptions your competitive advantage

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