Welcome back to Subscriptions Weekly–your favorite newsletter for industry news! In this edition, we look back at the Cyber Weekend impact, how streamers compare in subscribers and revenue, and how brands can build loyalty through subscriptions. We share a quick dive into Netflix’s ad play and Apple Music’s new karaoke feature. 

The winners and losers of Cyber Weekend

As health restrictions cooled off in 2022, many retailers may have hoped for a less complicated Black Friday this year. While estimates showed that in-store shopping could make a return, high inflation could reduce consumer spending.

Buy now, pay later payment options, electronics, and mobile commerce were the holiday winners, and the losers were long lines, inventory levels, and curbside pickup. Learn more on Retail Dive.

58% of Americans say the current economy will change how they approach gift-giving. The ever-increasing popularity of subscriptions is getting a hefty slice of the Cyber Monday pie. Recurly analyzed key metrics from 2,200+ leading brands to share the impact of 2022 Cyber Monday on subscriptions. Read the insights.

How major streamers stack up in subscribers and revenue

Entertainment stocks have been battered in 2022 as competition heats up and economic uncertainty weighs on subscribers’ wallets. So how do streamers compare? Netflix and Disney lead the market based on total subscribers, while Hulu gets second-best in average revenue per user (ARPU)–following Netflix. Keep reading and check the charts in Yahoo! 

Money can’t buy you love–but can it buy you loyalty?

The cost of living crisis is making consumers look for new ways to purchase. Subscriptions are seeing a growing influence–tapping into their combination of exclusivity and value is the first step toward nurturing consumer loyalty during this period of economic uncertainty.

What are the vital ingredients for a subscription service to be successful–and how can brands use them to up a valuable consumer currency: their retention? Oscar Wall, EMEA General Manager, shares his insights.

Netlifx ad play

The streaming brand expects to have 4.4 million unique viewers for its new ad-tiered plan by the end of 2022. While the industry agrees that Netflix’s ad platform will be successful, would get into advertising change a company that prides itself on forging a distinct path in the entertainment world? Read the analysis on Makers. 

Apple Music releases new karaoke mode

This week, the company presented Apple Music Sing, a new feature that lets subscribers sing along to their favorite music–including duets and backup vocals. The feature will be available later in December to Apple Music subscribers worldwide on iPhones, iPads, and the new Apple TV 4K streaming box. Learn more on CNET. 

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