Our Brand

This page provides an overview and guidelines on how to use our brand elements. Using these assets and following the guidelines will ensure the accurate communication of the Recurly brand.


Our official primary logo. Use this logo version whenever possible. The wordmark is available in color and monochromatic options.

Download wordmark files


Our emblem. Only use this version when working within limited space (e.g. favicons, social profiles, avatars).

Download logomark files


Purple is Recurly's core color identifier. When it is essential to identify our brand with one color alone, use our primary purple hue.

Our extended colors work in combination with our core purple and can be used for additional brand color identifiers.

Recurly Color Palette


Our primary typeface is Proxima Nova. A modern, geometric-based, humanist typeface used for our headlines, subheads, and body copy.

Recurly Typography

Usage Guidelines

Common Mistakes

Recurly Logo Mistake

Our old logo uses two colors, with the “ly” isolated in purple. Please use our new one-color logo version.

Recurly Logo Mistake 2

Do not combine the logo and mark into one lockup. These two brand elements should be used separately.


Our brand assets are our exclusive property. Do not alter these graphics in any way. Any use of these assets by third parties is pursuant to an expressly written agreement by Recurly.

By using the Recurly brand materials, you agree to follow these brand guidelines. Recurly reserves the right to modify these guidelines at any time.

For any questions regarding Recurly brand usage, please contact design-brand@recurly.com.