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The ultimate cheat sheet to gifting subscriptions

Survey finds 70% of consumers would love a gift subscription this year.

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What’s in this guide:

  • The top gifting categories people would like to receive this holiday

  • How much consumers are looking to spend on a gift subscription and the subscription plan length they’re looking to purchase

  • The top three categories of gift subscriptions consumers would prefer to receive

  • The top reasons why people like receiving a subscription service as a gift and how to get them to continue the subscription once the gift period expires 

  • What age groups are most likely to give a subscription as a gift and what age groups are most open to receiving a gift subscription

This year, secure a spot under the tree for gift subscriptions.

The holiday season–also known as the shopping season–is upon us. While it feels nice to give a thoughtful gift, deciding on the perfect gift to give is easier said than done–and your subscription business should be the most obvious answer during that decision-making. Gift subscriptions are nothing new, but perfecting the pricing, packaging, and promotional elements of subscriptions as gifts is key to a successful holiday season and beyond. To best understand the current sentiment of consumers and gifting, we went straight to the source with a survey of American consumers and their gifting outlook this year. 

58% of Americans say the current economy will change the way they approach gift-giving this year.

For any business, this can be a tumultuous time of year. Direct-to-consumer businesses are competing for the wallet share of shoppers everywhere, and it’s time your subscription business gets a taste of the success. We’ve pulled together important survey findings to create the best gift for subscription businesses: The ultimate one-page guide to your pricing, packaging, and promotional efforts this holiday season. 

In this quick guide, you’ll find everything you need to know about how to market to the ideal shopping consumer over the next couple of months. Through our research, we’ve uncovered what gifting categories consumers want to receive, how much shoppers are willing to spend on gift subscriptions, and how to convert those consumers once a gift subscription has expired.

Ready to tackle this holiday season? Download our quick guide on gifting subscriptions.