How to proactively & automatically cut churn to 1% with Recurly

We’re on track to recover $920M in revenue in 2022.

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What’s in this guide:

  • Real data on how Recurly has helped our merchants succeed with churn mitigation from recovering at-risk invoices and subscribers to improving a subscriber’s lifetime and increasing revenue lift

  • How Recurly’s subscription plan management, in-depth analytics, dynamic retry logic, and more help recurring revenue businesses grow faster, smarter, and stronger

  • Customer stories from brands like FabFitFun and AllTrails to offer a deeper dive into how we partner with our merchants to achieve their specific goals

  • What Recurly is doing to ensure every merchant is set up to manage churn like an expert now and in the future

Recurly has helped some customers reduce their involuntary churn rate to just 1%.

Churn is not a new topic, but it remains one of the most discussed topics among businesses of all backgrounds and sizes. By definition, churn happens when a customer stops using your product or service, and there are innumerable reasons behind this. While it’s impossible to completely eliminate churn, you can get it down to a percentage that shows how deeply you understand your customers and what they want. For subscription businesses, churn is top of mind all the time. When you rely on recurring revenue from your subscribers to meet your bottom line, losing customers to reasons within and beyond your control can severely impact the health of your business. The key to ensuring churn issues are dealt with before they happen is having the right tools to identify the problems and stop them from ever happening again. Having the right subscription management and recurring billing platform is what will make or break your business.

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Recurly adds an average of 12 months to a subscriber’s lifetime, resulting in a 13% monthly revenue lift.

It’s no secret that Recurly understands churn. In fact, we have published numerous articles, guides, and webinars teaching our customers and the subscription industry how to fight churn like an expert. Managing more than 2,200 customers and 50 million active subscribers monthly, we’ve been able to experiment and create the most effective churn management strategies for a variety of subscription businesses. If you’re wondering exactly what Recurly offers in terms of churn mitigation, look no further than this guide. 

Managing voluntary and involuntary churn starts before it even happens. You need to have proactive tactics in place to ensure customers don’t lose out on their subscription service because of avoidable issues like credit card declines and insufficient funds. You need to be able to communicate quickly and efficiently with subscribers to inform them of changes to their accounts. You need to have a robust analytics system to better understand and make strategic decisions about ideal customer profiles, cohort analyses, and more. You need Recurly. 

This guide dives into how Recurly can help you proactively and automatically cut churn to 1% is the answer to your difficulties with churn. Download our guide to learn how we can help you grow faster, smarter, and stronger.

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In 2021 alone, Recurly helped our customers recover nearly $800 million in revenue. Additionally, we have successfully helped our customers:

  • Recover 73% of at-risk invoices

  • Save 8.4 million at-risk subscribers

  • Add an average of 12 months to the subscriber's lifetime

  • Manage an average 13% revenue lift monthly 

The best part? We’ve helped some customers reduce their involuntary churn rate to just 1%.

See why it’s imperative to partner with a proven subscription management and billing platform to help you fight subscriber churn.

Grow faster

Consumers change, and businesses must always be ready to pivot quickly. An integrated, easy-to-use subscription management platform like Recurly offers the flexibility to iterate, experiment, and adapt quickly. 

To manage voluntary churn, you must test endlessly. The subscription model is not a one-size-fits-all approach–it requires experimentation and segmentation to see what resonates with what set of subscribers. Test pricing, plans, promotions, and even personalization options to identify your ideal customer profile as well as factors that contribute to voluntary churn. 

“The main thing we've learned in entering the subscription space is the need to continually test and learn—not just our marketing and landing pages but the flows in which people sign up for our product and all the ways that a customer interacts with our business. Recurly enables us to do this.” - Output General Manager Brian Zarlenga

The ability to adapt is crucial for subscription businesses, especially those in the direct-to-consumer industries. Offering options across the subscriber lifecycle such as trial lengths, flexible payment options, custom bundles, ad-based tiers, and more makes it easier for businesses and subscribers to adapt to shifts in demand. 

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