The holidays brought exciting subscription news–especially for Discord users. In this Subscriptions Weekly, we dive deeper into Discord’s new server subscription program, Netflix’s Preview Club expansion, new subscription plans from Kyte and Almond, The Washington Post’s recent interactive feature, and the convenience of digital wallets.

Discord now lets more users monetize their content

Discord is expanding its server subscription program, allowing more creators to charge subscription fees. Creators must be 18 or older, have a Discord account in good standing, and agree to Discord’s terms and conditions to participate. Learn more on The Verge.

Netflix is letting more subscribers preview shows

The Netflix Preview Club program allows viewers to watch and share feedback on shows or movies before their release. A year after its release, Netflix plans to expand its group of previewers to include tens of thousands of users around the world early next year. Read more on Games Radar.

Kyte is now offering car subscriptions

The car rental delivery startup is trying to disrupt the auto industry with car subscription services. Kyte began offering Tesla Model 3s for $995/month earlier this year, and now a range of SUVs, sedans, and economy cars will be available for longer-term subscriptions. Learn more on TechCrunch.

Almond rethinks the patience experience with subscriptions

Almond aims to reinvent obstetrical-gynecological care for birthing people seeking a more modern, comprehensive service. The subscription will provide patients access to the company’s platform, care team, and personalized plans for $250 per year. Continue reading on TechCrunch.

The Washington Post launches new interactive feature

Following Spotify’s successful community-building strategy–Spotify Wrapped, The Washington Post has launched Newsprint. This customized feature presents subscribers’ most-read news topics, journalists, and stories from the past year. Learn more on The Washington Post.

Consumers are raising their expectations, and brands must deliver. We’ve sat down with Jason Clampet from Skift, Laura Mason from On, Robin Zucker from Codeacademy, and Lauren Chadwick from Zype, to discuss what the reimagined subscriber wants.

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Customers want security and convenience in digital payments

Digital wallets continue to gain popularity as the pandemic drove shoppers to explore contactless payments. 70% of consumers said they frequently used PayPal, Google Pay, and Apple Pay when purchasing online because it was a faster and simpler checkout process. Read more on TechTarget.

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