Managing subscriptions just got easier with an update to Recurly's subscription logic. In the past, merchants could allow customers to sign up for multiple subscriptions of different plans and multiple subscriptions of the same plan, as long as they were on one renewal cycle.

We recently extended our functionality to allow for sign-ups to multiple subscriptions of the same plan with different billing cycles. That means customers can sign up for a subscription and add a second (or more...) of the same subscription at any time.

A great example are “box of the month” clubs. The customer purchases a subscription for themselves and loves the service or product, so they sign up for a second subscription for their friend. The friend’s subscription was activated on a different date, so the customer and their friend have different billing cycles.

Subscriptions screen

To enable this feature, please contact Recurly support and we'll get you started right away! As always, if you have any questions about this new functionality just drop us a line at