JW Player is an impressive company. It has developed into the world’s largest network independent video platform, used in 193 countries and powering 20 billion videos via two billion unique devices each month. That represents 900 million hours of video—or approximately five percent of all videos streamed online. Since 2013, JW Player has used the Recurly subscription management platform to monetize its SaaS business.

Rapid growth in a dynamic market requires a flexible billing platform to deliver high levels of customer service and optimize the sales process. The JW Player team was generous with their time and insight and worked with us on a case study which describes how we have worked together.

The case study discusses how integrating billing with critical business infrastructure such as Salesforce was vital in providing a 360-degree view of each JW Player subscriber. Another key success factor: monitoring and reducing subscriber churn. As Andrew Eisele, CFO at JW Player states, “Best-in-class dunning and an effective means to ensure successful payments on every invoice are critical capabilities. And to be scalable, we need to do all this in a low-touch way. Recurly is an invaluable tool for us in these efforts.”

The case study also examines how we helped JW Player migrate from their former subscription billing product to the Recurly platform. In managing the migration, Jin Sha, SVP of Strategy and Operations at JW Player, worked closely with the Recurly team and commented on the team’s expertise and enthusiasm, noting that it is “really indicative of how customer care is a key tenet of the Recurly philosophy.”

It’s gratifying to hear a valued customer express these thoughts and we appreciate the team at JW Player taking time to collaborate on this case study. Thank you!

Click here to read the entire case study and see how Recurly can help your company unlock the power of subscription commerce, too.