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Ethan Teng

Director of Product Growth, Recurly


Director of Product Growth at Recurly.

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The Value of Utilizing Multiple Payment Gateways

Subscription businesses that want to optimize their payment process and gain an edge over their competition should consider integrating with a second payment gateway. A second gateway can offer increased operational efficiencies along with a variety of other benefits. What are some of the advantages of having multiple gateways? Can...

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How PayPal Reduces Friction and Increases Conversions

Checkout abandonment is the ongoing bane of ecommerce companies. Many such companies have dedicated product and engineering teams continuously monitoring and finding ways to increase conversion rates at checkout. One key to increasing conversion rates is removing friction. How many times have you found yourself shopping online and get to...

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Subscription Payments Exchange Looks Beyond Trends

Recently, 50 payments professionals gathered at the Marine’s Memorial Club in San Francisco for the first-ever Subscription Payments Exchange conference hosted by Insight Exchange Network. The event sought to look beyond general trends—with a focus on understanding and following your customers when they want to pay. From a quick audience poll,...

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