It’s Friday; we’re back! This Subscriptions Weekly edition reviews Twitter Blue’s relaunch and how streaming brands can combat churn with long-running shows. We dive deeper into Amazon’s new in-app feature for social commerce, Verizon’s subscription aggregator, and App Store’s pricing structure updates. 

Twitter Blue is back with a new verification process

Last Monday, Twitter launched its Twitter Blue subscriptions. Users can access subscriber-only features like editing tweets and uploading 1080p videos starting at $8/monthly. Additionally, the platform will color-code timelines checkmarks for businesses, government, and “multilateral accounts” to avoid impersonation. Learn more on TechCrunch.

Long-running series and sequels to combat churn

When discussing the rapid growth of streaming, Sandra Stern, vice chairman of Lionsgate Television Group, shared that including long-ago franchises can prevent subscriber churn. In Stern’s words: “The reliable way to retain subscribers is to keep them connected to things that they know and love.” Keep reading on Yahoo!

What drives subscription growth in the streaming industry? Hear from True Royalty TV, the “Netflix for royal watchers,” on how they have adapted to subscriber needs, reduce time-to-market, and combat churn effectively.

Amazon rolls out Inspire, a new in-app feature

Exploring social commerce, Amazon announced its new photo and video-based content hub for customers to discover products. This in-app feature with featured Amazon products– created by brands, influencers, and other customers–is in a scrolling format and allows users to engage through likes. Learn more on Retail Dive.

Verizon launches a subscription service aggregator

+Play is now in open beta, allowing Verizon customers to purchase and manage more than 20 services–including Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, HBO Max, ESPN+, discovery+, AMC+, NFL+, NBA League Pass, and NBA TV. Alongside the launch, Verizon is giving +Play users a yearly Netflix Premium subscription. Read more on TechCrunch.

Apple updates App Store pricing structures

Apple has updated its pricing structures for apps and subscriptions on the App Store, allowing developers to choose from a total of 700 price point options–from $0.29 up to $10,000. Additionally, new pricing tools let users set prices per country or region and manage foreign exchange rate changes. Keep reading on Apple.

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