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True Royalty TV explodes subscription growth with Recurly

The ongoing fascination with royalty has made True Royalty TV a household name within the streaming world. This "Netflix for royal watchers” platform covers the background, context, and truth of the British monarchy. 

With thousands of subscribers in the UK, U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Ireland, True Royalty TV has created the best royal content library in one place–setting new subscriber acquisition benchmarks and discovering the secret sauce to reducing churn and driving subscription growth. 

Their approach to… 

  • Content creation and packaging

  • Subscriber relationship management

  • Using data and insights to continually accelerate business growth

…it’s a roadmap for success.

Through A/B testing, they’ve identified the right packaging for curated content that strikes a balance of value and price point, removed friction, and design strategies to “do more than dunning” to combat churn and transform subscriber growth into hyperdrive.

We’ve sat down with Allan Wills, True Royalty TV’s Head of Operations, to discuss their journey with Recurly: From implementation to A/B testing to dunning strategy planning.

Increasing subscriber acquisition & retention

From their pivot to subscriptions, it all started with content curation—understanding what content and offerings would drive consumers to subscribe and in which markets.

In the beginning, they had a lot of assumptions about the business regarding where their customers would come from and what currencies they used. Through A/B testing, they’ve identified the right packaging that strikes a balance of value and price point.

On the retention side, they could access data to build different retention flows with human insight. Additionally, they identified specific seasons when consumers became more price-conscious to work on customised retention strategies, like extending payment or billing periods.

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Scaling their infrastructure

You want your technology to help drive innovation and scale, not suffocate it. True Royalty TV was set up to expand horizontally and vertically, getting more people in, acquiring them easily, and getting them through multiple checkouts.

With Recurly at the core, True Royalty TV has created an ecosystem that drives limitless ability to launch, test, and iterate quickly—and deliver accelerated insights across a 360 view of their subscriber base, driving continuous positive impact to every KPI. 

Reducing churn & plugging the hole in the “leaky bucket”  

With Recurly’s powerful dunning engine and easy access to subscriber data, True Royalty TV could make smart decisions on churn management.

I think for us the benefits are many from the top of the funnel all the way to the bottom. So from getting someone into our system and capturing them and getting their billing details off them all the way to retaining them, winning them back if they leave, we just have the whole toolkit.

Allan Wills, Head of OperationsTrue Royalty TV

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