Global marketing involves more than simply selling a product in other countries. You need to speak to subscribers in their preferred language and ensure that their experience signing up and paying for your subscription product or service is streamlined and optimized.

Recurly is pleased to announce support for 11 different languages and 22 dialects* in customer emails. By providing localized transactional emails, Recurly merchants can send email to their subscribers in the language they prefer. Recurly also provides localized checkout pages based on the location of the customer’s browser and the primary language associated with that location.

Our language support includes not only different languages but different dialects within each language. For example, we support not just English, but British, Canadian, New Zealand, and Australian English. We also convert the date format (mm/dd/yyyy vs. dd/mm/yyyy) and currency format ($1,234.50 vs. 1.234,50 $) to match the locale.  

Better customer service and reduced churn

Engaged and satisfied customers are less likely to churn, and providing language options to them is one way to improve your communications and encourage stronger engagement. Subscription businesses using the Recurly platform can give their subscribers the ability to set their preference from a list of the languages we support. From that point on, the automated emails that Recurly sends on behalf of our merchants will be in the subscriber’s specified language.

Customers on our Enterprise plan have access to all languages; Pro customers have support for five languages. Click here for the full list of languages and locales we support.

Easy setup that scales to meet the needs of your business

Here’s how it works:

  • We’ve localized all default emails into all of the languages and dialects we support to ease implementation.

  • While we’ve localized all the default emails, merchants still have the ability to customize the copy in their emails to match their brand and voice, along with the HTML, if they wish.

Support for foreign currencies and international payments

In addition to expanded support for localized subscriber communications, Recurly supports a number of foreign currencies and international payment methods via our Adyen integration. For example, we support Giropay which is used in Germany, iDeal used in the Netherlands, SEPA Direct Debit, and many others. This means that subscribers can use the payment methods they prefer, which improves conversion rates. We also offer tax support and support for multiple currencies to aid our customers’ success in international markets.

Improved communication and scalability

Whether local or global, subscription billing is a complex undertaking, and the ability to communicate with subscribers effectively is essential for healthy subscriber retention and loyalty. Not only do customers and prospects expect to be able to use the payment methods preferred in their countries, they expect marketing communications and ecommerce checkout pages to be in their language, too.

Our support for multiple languages lets our customers use Recurly to expand their subscription business around the globe—reaching more prospects in more places with better results.

To learn more, visit our docs page