Subscription Plan Management

Get ahead with a strategy that works for you

Innovative subscription businesses are constantly evolving. Whether you’re just getting started, scaling your business, or ready to supercharge your growth, Recurly is designed to keep you agile and ahead.

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Pricing plans for subscriptions
Plans for subscription businesses
Subscription plans for small to enterprise businesses

Reach more customers with the right set of building blocks

Subscription tools designed for your ever-evolving needs—from that one-time sale to all the time. No matter what your customers need or how many plans it takes to test, learn, scale, and optimize, we have you covered with all the tools to configure plans, get started, and put your customers’ needs first.

Billing models that have your back

Enjoy flexibility that fits your business. Configure your pricing with a variety of billing models—prepaid, usage-based, fixed, quantity-based, and hybrid models, all across different billing frequencies—designed to keep your offerings differentiated.

Best for companies that offer a product for a single price and charge on a recurring basis; typically charged at the beginning of the billing cycle. Fixed Pricing models for reccuring subscription payments
Best for companies that sell a mix of recurring and non-recurring products and want to allow their customers to pay for them in a single purchase. Hybrid billing model
Best for companies that want to charge for each unit based on the price of its corresponding tier. Tiered BIlling Model
Best for companies that want to charge for each unit based on the price of the highest tier reached. Volume billing model
Best for companies that want to charge a fixed price based on the highest tier reached. Stairstep billing model
Best for companies with a high volume of transactions that want to enable customers to pay for only what they use, with the flexibility to price to fractions of a penny. Usage based billing model
Fixed reccuring billing model Hybrid billing model Tiered billing model Volume billing model Stairstep billing model Usage based billing model
Organize with an item catalog

Organize with an item catalog

Manage your offerings with a centralized item catalog. Drive one-click price updates, gain insights, and easily connect to an external item management, fulfillment, or shipping system.

There’s always more to offer

There’s always more to offer

Give your revenue a serious boost by selling one-time products and services to your customers. How you do it is up to you—as a standalone offer or an add-on to a plan.

There’s always more to offer

Experiment for success

Stay agile whenever you need to modify plans or launch new plans—anytime or all the time, with just a few clicks.

Every subscription business is unique. So is every subscriber.


We’ve been able to experiment like we have because Recurly isn’t in the way (so to speak). It operates in the background, enabling us to move more quickly and efficiently.

Becky S. — VP of Platform Engineering
Customer since 2011

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Make more happen—from trials to promotions and everything in between





Gift Cards
Customer Offers
Sandbox Trial

Attract and acquire customers with ease

Configure trials, introduce new plans, upsell one-time products, celebrate with gift subscriptions, and engage customers through promotional offers—it’s all at your fingertips.

Trials: simple beginnings made easy

Trials: simple beginnings made easy

Reach and acquire customers who like to try before they buy. Recurly provides you with easy-to-use and flexible trial configuration tools so you can test and adopt the right trial strategy for your business.

Promotions tailored to your audience

Promotions tailored to your audience

Attract new customers and engage existing ones with easily configurable coupons and discounting offers. Keeping your offers fresh prevents customer fatigue.

Promotions tailored to your audience

Gift subscriptions: more options for everyone

Explore new growth channels with gift subscriptions, allowing customers to purchase and gift plans for finite terms.

Subscription gifting guide
Promotions tailored to your audience

Get noticed with personalized offers

Drive brand loyalty and continuously deliver value through personalized promotions, rewards, and experiences.

Test, learn, iterate.

Take the pain out of subscriptions with a platform built for businesses of all sizes and shapes. Address the evolving needs of your subscribers with subscription management tools designed to be dynamic and flexible. From handling all your offerings with ease to iterating strategically based on data-driven insights, Recurly helps you stay ahead.

You know your business. We know subscriptions.

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