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The 2024 State of Subscriptions

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  • Data-driven predictions about the most profitable investments you should make in 2024

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What’s in the 2024 State of Subscriptions report?

  • Exclusive benchmarks and trends from more than 64 million unique subscribers and 2,200 global brands using Recurly, including Paramount+, Sling TV, FabFitFun, Sprout Social, and more
  • The complete ins and outs of the subscription business model’s most coveted topics: acquisition, retention, churn, and payments, plus a dive into subscriber preferences
  • A look into the future with 2024 subscription industry predictions based on historical data, what this means for your business, and how to extract actionable insights for the coming year
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The biggest subscription trends & predictions shaping the industry today

Unlock the pulse of the subscription economy with Recurly's 2024 State of Subscriptions report, a trove of exclusive benchmarks and trends drawn from the experiences of over 64 million unique subscribers and 2,200 global brands. Dive deep into the complete landscape of the lucrative subscription business model, exploring acquisition, retention, churn, and payments, while gaining invaluable insights into subscriber behavior. This report doesn't just reflect the past; it propels you into the future with 2024 subscription industry predictions to set you on the path to success. 

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