State of Subscriptions: What subscribers want

We asked consumers—what makes a great subscriber experience?

Over 6,000 subscribers across six different countries responded.

Continue reading to see how this global consumer report reveals the trends and subscriber preferences that drive sustainable business growth.

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In this global consumer report, you’ll learn about the three pillars that deepen subscriber relationships:

  • Control and personalization: Learn how consumer control plays a pivotal role in the demand for subscription personalization. Explore how customization and tailored experiences create an ideal journey that keeps subscribers engaged and satisfied.

  • Acquisition tactics: Dive into effective consumer acquisition tactics that go beyond traditional approaches. From seamless payment options, flexible plans and captivating free trials, uncover strategies to attract new subscribers and convert them into loyal customers.

  • Retention strategies: Explore the art of retaining subscribers through loyalty rewards and intentional communication. Delve into the techniques that foster long-term relationships and maximize customer lifetime value.

Unveiling the secrets to thriving in the subscription industry

Unlock the power of subscriber insights with our global consumer report, State of Subscriptions: What consumers want. As the subscription landscape continues to evolve, it's crucial for businesses to stay ahead. Our in-depth report reveals the key trends and challenges that subscription businesses face today, providing valuable insights to help you navigate this dynamic market.

  • Sophisticated subscriber expectations: Gain a deeper understanding of how subscriber expectations have grown more sophisticated over time. Discover the factors driving their demands for personalized experiences and how you can meet and exceed their evolving needs.

  • Thriving amid tough competition: Competition is fierce in the subscription industry, and our report uncovers the secrets to outshining your rivals and staying ahead. Find out how successful businesses tackle tough competition and emerge as leaders in their markets.

  • Mastering the pace of change: Change is the only constant, and it can be challenging to keep up. Our report explores how the rapid pace of change impacts subscription businesses and offers strategies to help you adapt, innovate, and embrace new opportunities in this ever-evolving landscape.

Are you ready to drive sustainable growth for your subscription business? Access our global consumer report, State of Subscriptions: What consumers want, and gain the insights you need to unlock growth, delight your subscribers, and thrive in the competitive subscription landscape.