We’ve all been there.

After a long, tiring day, you plop onto your couch and start browsing through your go-to streaming app or just start flipping through the channels. The only problem? You’re so overwhelmed by all the options available that you end up choosing nothing at all.

It’s called analysis paralysis: there are simply so many decisions to make that it’s hard to even make one. And just as consumers living in a world of abundance experience this everyday, so too do businesses with an endless stream of challenges to solve and an unlimited supply of solutions available to solve those problems. 

Say you’re running a subscription business and need a way to invoice subscribers regularly, configure new pricing plans, connect your payment gateway, deal with taxes, handle churn, and more. Chances are you’ve quickly outgrown your homegrown solution of cobbled-together spreadsheets and need a true subscription billing and management platform.

What happens next? Even once you’ve narrowed down your options to, say, the four best subscription billing platforms that look good on the surface, you need a way to definitively decide which one is right for your business. After all, there’s a lot to consider: what capabilities do you need today, and what might you need in the future? What integrations should you look for? Perhaps most importantly, what can you afford?

Enter the Definitive Evaluation Worksheet for Subscription Billing and Management. At Recurly, we know the subscription space inside and out, and from talking to some stellar merchants, we’ve come to understand what subscription companies need when it comes to subscription billing. That’s why we’ve designed this interactive worksheet to help you:

  • Understand which questions to ask each vendor

  • Determine which capabilities matter

  • Figure out what questions to ask your internal stakeholders

  • Sort through the complicated terminology of subscription billing 

Our goal with this worksheet is to help you hone in on the right solution, whether that’s Recurly or one of our competitors. Every subscription billing and management platform has its advantages and disadvantages, from implementation time and ease-of-use to integrations and features, and this worksheet will help you compare and contrast different vendors.

It’s delivered as a downloadable, fully editable Excel file, so you can modify and play around with it however you wish.

Set yourself up for subscription billing success—get the worksheet today.