Welcome back to Subscriptions Weekly! This week we dive deeper into the streaming video winners: Netflix and Disney–and how these services continue rising. We check on Spotify’s measures for Premium users with in-app purchases through the Apple App Store, TweetDeck’s Twitter Blue exclusivity, Walmart’s unlimited next-day delivery service in Canada, and Reddit’s subscription apps. 

Netflix and Disney’s ad tiers are winning over new subscribers

After six months of launching, 19% of Disney+ subscribers and 11% of Netflix subscribers took advantage of the services’ ad-supported tiers. Within these groups, only 15% downgraded from a previous subscription. The remaining 85% signed up after the ad-supported tier was introduced. Learn more on Yahoo. 

With companies offering platform-exclusive content, it’s no surprise that streaming video services lure subscribers in record numbers. According to our new report, The State of Subscriptions: What consumers want, 56% of consumers started streaming video subscriptions–more than double the subsequent categories of streaming audio (29%) and gaming (22%). 

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Spotify cutting off Apple in-app payment for Premium subscribers

From June 2014 to May 2016, Premium subscribers could sign up and pay through the App Store. Now, Spotify is no longer letting those customers continue paying through Apple’s in-app purchases and is asking them to re-subscribe at the end of their billing period. Read more on Variety.

Twitter said only verified users will be able to access TweetDeck after 30 days

After several users couldn’t access parts of TweetDeck over the last few days, Twitter started rolling out a new web app version on Monday. The company also added that in 30 days, only Twitter Blue subscribers and verified organizations can use TweetDeck. Learn more on TechCrunch.

Walmart launches unlimited next-day delivery service in Canada

The retail giant is introducing a new subscription model for its grocery delivery services nationwide. Now, Canadian customers can access unlimited, free next-day delivery from its stores via Walmart’s Delivery Pass for $8.97/month or $89/year. Read more on Retail Insight Network.

More Reddit developers announce their apps will switch to a subscription model

Relay for Reddit and Now for Reddit will remain available after July 1st, but users will eventually have to pay for them. Relay’s price is listed as $3.99, while Now’s pricing details are yet to be revealed. Learn more on The Verge.

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